Floss, Brush, Swish Bundle


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Dr. Ginger, a leading cosmetic dentist for over 35 years, knows a thing or two about oral health. When asked what the perfect oral care routine is, she will tell anyone and everyone, “Floss, brush, and swish!” Flossing removes large food debris from in between the teeth; brushing removes plaque build up and bacteria on the tooth’s surface; and mouthwash swishes away any remaining debris.

But not all #flossbrushswish routines are equal. Dr. Ginger’s products use a special organic Coconut Oil + Xylitol combination that cover the teeth with a luxurious coating that makes it difficult for bacteria and plaque to stick. Using Dr. Ginger’s products will leave your teeth feeling smooth and your mouth feeling fresh—all without using the loads of chemicals found in corporate toothpastes and mouthwashes. 

  • (1) Expanding Floss: 32 Yards Of Shred Resistant, Gently Expanding Floss
  • (1) 4oz Tube of Coconut Oil Toothpaste
  • (1) 14oz Bottle of Coconut Oil Mouthwash
  • All Products Use Our Organic Coconut Oil + Xylitol Combo
  • Delicious Coconut Mint Flavor

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