Organic Coconut Oil in a jar

Organic Coconut Oil

In every single one of Dr. Ginger’s products, you will find large amounts of organic coconut oil. It is the basis of our oral care system. Organic coconuts promote healthy bacteria in the mouth, while actually inhibiting bad bacteria. It is also a helpful anti-inflammation, aiding many of our customers’ sore gums.

Activated White Charcoal

The powerhouse whitening agent in many of Dr. Ginger’s products: Activated white charcoal from organic coconuts. The charcoal works to trap toxins in the tooth promoting a brighter, whiter smile.


The other half of Dr. Ginger’s oral care secret recipe is xylitol. This wonderful ingredient is a proven cavity-fighter that aids teeth in remineralization. It works in tandem with organic coconut oil to create a richly smooth surface on the tooth that is both luxurious to feel and a layer of protection from bacteria and plaque.

Natural Oral Care

Organic Aloe Vera

Renown for its healing and moisturizing properties, organic aloe vera adds another layer of health-promoting benefits.

Organic Goodness

Organic Wintergreen

Good ol’ gaultheria procumbens; otherwise known as wintergreen. This herb is legendary for its delicious flavor and refreshing aftertaste. It’s one of the two herbs that the cause of the fresh breath feel when you exhale after a delightful brushing with Dr. Ginger’s. 

Organic Peppermint

From holiday candy to just about every non-fruity flavor of gum, organic peppermint is the star. A bright and tingly flavor that is font and center in every single Dr. Ginger’s product. Delicious!

Hydrated Silica

A mild abrasive that is 100% safe for humans, hydrated silica is the ingredient behind the scrubbing and cleaning power that leaves the surface of the tooth feeling smooth. (You know, before it gets coated with our amazingly smooth coconut oil + xylitol combo).

Proven Science

Titanium Dioxide

Titanium dioxide naturally occurs in our earth’s crust and is another 100% safe ingredient. Titanium dioxide is used to give toothpaste its classic white pigmentation. Without it, toothpaste is a very unappealing “snot” texture and color. Seriously.