Our ingredients

What goes into our goods.

Why we live au naturel

Spoiler alert: because it's just better.

We keep our ingredients as simple as possible to ensure our products are naturally effective. Many competitors use questionable materials that cause nasty side effects in the long run.

Proof is in the paste

We're commited to high standards that ensure
our products are safe and easy for all.

Gluten Free


None of our ingredients contain gluten to ensure that our products play nicely with certain dietary restrictions and lifestyles.

Cruelty Free


None of our products go through animal testing to ensure no furry friends are subjected to harmful practices or side effects.

Fluoride Free


Our full suite of products are free of fluoride, a substance that has been found to cause a wide range of adverse effects.

Clinically Tested

Clinically Tested

All our products going through rigorous testing processes to ensure they are both effective and a joy to use as part of your daily routine.



We don’t use any genetically modified organisms in our products to ensure all ingredients are naturally sourced.


Found in many toothpastes, this chemical was originally used as a pesticide and is now banned from all soaps in the US.


Alcohol causes drying of the mouth, which can lead to worsened bad breath, sloughing of the skin inside your cheeks and an overly acidic pH in your mouth.

No Artificial Flavors

Our products only use naturally occurring sweeteners and flavors, such as mint, coconut and xylitol.

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