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Coconut Mint Flavored

White Charcoal Floss - 3 Pack

For a flat and smooth floss action to help whiten the hard-to-reach spaces, try our White Charcoal Floss.

  • Flat, Sliding Floss Action
  • Whitens the Hard To Reach Spaces
  • 32 Yards of Floss
  • 1-2 Months of Daily Use
(48 customer reviews)

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Brushing and mouth wash will always be a necessity, and flossing is no different. Dr. Ginger’s White Charcoal Floss provides all the plaque- and bacteria-fighting benefits of normal floss while adding a little somethin’ somethin’. Activated white charcoal incorporates natural detoxifying and cleansing properties without including any of the black mess. This helps brighten your pearly whites while improving overall oral health.

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Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 2.1 × .9 × 4 in

48 reviews for White Charcoal Floss – 3 Pack

  1. burbmama

    I thought I’d give this a try . I was hesitant because you never really know what you will get and if it will be right for you. I love, love, love this floss. Not too wide, not waxy, just right for my teeth. I will definitely keep it stocked here at my house. I’m looking forward to trying the other products made by Dr Gingers & am happy to support a smaller business other than J & J.

  2. Jorge L Bender (verified owner)

    The fact that this floss also Heath with the health of my mouth makes it fun and easy

  3. Digby (verified owner)

    Great for sensitive gums.

  4. Ran55 (verified owner)

    I definitely like this floss. I first ordered a single one and have ordered this set. I like floss that aren’t too smooth and have a bit of texture so it can grab on to the plaque. I will order more in the future

  5. Nilesgirl (verified owner)

    My teeth are crowded, and I had to use teflon floss, because others broke. No more! Thank you!!!

  6. Diana Spangle-Freese (verified owner)

    Better choice for dental floss

  7. jimbro (verified owner)

    For the amount of time the floss is in touch with your teeth I don’t see any benefit compared with standard floss. Dental flossing is a mechanical process and I’m not sure this is different from any other floss except for its composition. It handles just like any other floss and there was no problem with the container or cutting it. Holds up well and a single strand works to floss my all my teeth without shredding.

  8. Meg (verified owner)

    Will continue to use

  9. CarissaSanDiego (verified owner)

    I never thought I’d ever write a review for floss but this floss is worth the few minutes. My dentist actually recommended this for me because my gums are super sensitive and always bleed when I floss. Well no longer!!! Two days of this and no more bleeding gums. It’s not quite like normal floss but my gum soreness is gone. According to him the chemicals on normal floss can irritate your gums. I really love this floss I can’t believe it made so much of a difference I’m not normally into the all natural products but this is a game changer. Hands down will only ever purchase this floss from here on out.

  10. DestinTart (verified owner)

    I know the benefits of charcoal/coconut/mint for oral health, so I was intrigued to see this charcoal-infused dental floss. No worries about the floss being a black mess like charcoal toothpaste. LOL This floss is white so it does not leave any black residue in the teeth. I like that it is not waxed, as I feel it works better. The mint flavor is nice, not too strong/burning.

  11. Ron Fiore (verified owner)

    Finally … a floss that easily slides in between your teeth and doesn’t fall apart.

  12. Angie (verified owner)

    Most natural flosses are to thick for my spacing, and this is the first floss that fits all spaces! Really happy with my purchase…found my new floss!

  13. Patricia (verified owner)

    Experience the power of fiber between your teeth! All Natural dental floss is just that, Natural. Not the plastic floss that only rubs the food between your teeth, doesn’t eliminate it. My dental hygienist noticed a big difference after three months of using the product. This floss functions s a mini- brush between your teeth. I highly recommend it.

  14. RK (verified owner)

    This floss tastes/smells good and works really well to remove the plaque from my teeth. It works much better than Glide or other teflon coated dental floss for this purpose. The contacts between my teeth are not tight however–this floss might not work so well if your teeth are really tight. Additionally, one has to get used to the texture of the floss, especially if you are used to a really smooth floss.

  15. RedCandy (verified owner)

    Easy to use and tastes great! Works effectively and great for cleaning in-between teeth and gums. LOVE this!

  16. Kat S (verified owner)

    No nasty wax to scrape off the floss on my close together teeth. No nasty mint taste. I’ve tried this and the expanding version, I love them both.

  17. Water Polo Fan (verified owner)

    Great product

  18. CL (verified owner)

    We love this product and have ordered several times HOWEVER something this time was off. The entire package including the floss itself smelled and tasted like strong perfume. My kids refuse to use it and it’s really strong. I don’t know if the place it had been in before arriving was scented heavily or what. Not an issue we’ve had before but it’s really bad. Hopefully it is a one time thing because we really like this floss.

  19. J. M. M. (verified owner)

    Found this floss by accident shopping for a replacement to my old brand in Subscribe and Save. I appreciated the philosophy of this company so I gave it a try. I am very pleased with this floss. I can’t speak for any magical powers, but it’s a great package, sturdy and effective floss and it tastes great. I will definitely continue with this brand

  20. Mrs T Lowe (verified owner)

    I have just tried it once and I am pleased plus I like the taste and texture. Best of all is the presentation. But it is definitely expensive! Only time will tell if it lives up to that price.

  21. Amazon Customer (verified owner)

    I specially love that it is flouride free and a great disinfecter naturally through the coconut and so gentle on the gums and teeth, it also does good at whitening

  22. M.D. Morris (verified owner)

    Excellent floss!

  23. Matthew (verified owner)

    Exactly as advertised. Thank you

  24. S. Crane (verified owner)

    Yay no fluoride!

  25. Jesse (verified owner)

    Ordered this after discovering that my regular floss had teflon in it. Im happy to report the floss is sturdy and tastes great. I have tight teeth and have a hard time getting string floss between my teeth without breaking. the floss seemed a little thicker than the gentle glide I was using before, however it slides easily between my teeth. It does fray a bit if you use the same spot of floss but it doesnt break. Plus when I compare the price to the gentle glide I was using its a bit cheaper, so its a win-win. Healthier and less expensive.

  26. sjorangevale (verified owner)

    I bought 6 of these and shared them with the ladies in my office(they are both total floss freaks!)and they both came back shouting about how great it made their teeth feel! My family loves this ~ wish I knew about it sooner ~ maybe could have avoided that deep cleaning at the hygienists:)

  27. Sherrybaby212 (verified owner)

    I love everything about this floss. I had used Coco floss for a few months but wanted a less expensive alternative with the same great properties. I found it in Dr. Ginger’s. I actually like the taste better! The clean I get is wonderful, and my dentist noticed, too.

  28. SaraBeth (verified owner)

    Love this floss!! Glides nicely and fits well between my teeth. I bought it hoping it would kind of help whiten or such…will it? I don’t know but either way I love it and will keep using it.

  29. Thomas Warner (verified owner)

    Best floss ever !

  30. Suzanne (verified owner)

    After reading an article about the dangers of some chemicals found in floss, particularly the brand I have been using for years, I went online to find a natural one. I tried this and love it. It’s not as SMOOTH as the Glide I had been using, but it did not leave shards of wax in my teeth as some other products I have tried in the past. Also I was very happy that this floss did not shred easily. It’s perfect and tastes great. I will be getting more !

  31. Andrew Moledor (verified owner)

    Overall, I really like this floss. I’ve been looking for a relatively inexpensive, organic floss that isn’t super slippery between your fingers. I chose this because it is string, which typically has the no-slip quality I’m looking for. The taste is great for this, too. My only critique is that the mint coating is a little thick and can cause the floss to easily tangle, making it somewhat of a pain to untangle. Overall, I’d recommend this product and would buy it again.

  32. gunslinger1210 (verified owner)

    Works about the same as other flosses. Kind of cool though

  33. Jennifer (verified owner)

    Good floss, tastes good so motivates me to use it

  34. ronald j chiodi (verified owner)

    Like this floss very much. Leaves my teeth feeling clean. Will buy again!

  35. Tonya Clevenger (verified owner)

    I was skeptical about buying this after reading some of the reviews, I found the negative reviews untrue. This floss works very well!

  36. Michelle V (verified owner)

    Love this floss. Trying to get away from Glide due to a recent report on its correlation with heart disease. This is the best natural floss I’ve ever tried. Very happy with it.

  37. Amazon Customer (verified owner)

    Live this floss… feels natural and I can feel it really clean my teeth

  38. KSH6533 (verified owner)

    I love this product!

  39. Dalene C. Rogers (verified owner)

    I like that the floss isn’t Teflon based but it does shred if caught between your tight teeth. To avoid this problem, pull the floss out horizontally rather than up between the teeth like you put it in. I do find that it grabs and removes more food from between my teeth than any other floss I’ve used, and that’s a good thing!

  40. Design Purist (verified owner)

    Love them.

  41. The Reader

    natural and effective – will buy again.

  42. Amanda M. (verified owner)

    Not sure what I did wrong in my life to be online writing a review for dental floss, but here I am. This floss is the best floss of all the flosses. It smells/tastes great. It doesn’t break on my snaggleteeth, and it does the whole remove stuff from between your teeth thing. 10/10.

  43. Renee Alexander (verified owner)

    Love! All we use now!

  44. Clarissa (verified owner)

    This is my first time buying this product. I’m very pleased. It’s soft and flattens between my teeth like the description. Very comfortable. I have dental bonding on my front teeth and it’s difficult to floss using other brands. But this brand is perfect for me. Thank you! I’m very grateful.

  45. Amazon Customer (verified owner)

    strong and clean!

  46. Ralph Dunn (verified owner)

    I love the case the floss comes in…so compact but with lots of floss inside. And it is so smooth in usage. I really appreciate that it’s an all natural product; no worries about toxic ingredients. Haven’t tried Dr. Ginger’s toothpaste yet but if it’s like the floss I’m sure it will be great as well.

  47. m.crenshaw (verified owner)

    This floss tears up easily and is so coated with oil that it slips through my fingers while I’m trying to use it, making it hard to hold onto.

  48. Taii Apera

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In other words: Dr. Ginger’s doesn’t attack your mouth with man-made chemicals like other kinds of toothpaste and mouthwash. We use what’s already in nature to defend against bad bacteria and plaque. It’s a smarter approach.

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