Dr. Ginger’s Brand Story

Look, Dr. Ginger Price might be a rockstar in the cosmetic dentistry world (with 35+ years running her own dental office), and she might be one of the most loved dentists in general too, but we want you to look at that smile.

Seriously. Grab a color meter and test her teeth and it'll read: "perfect white." Not, off-white, not mother of pearl, not vanilla, but *BAM* shiny bright perfect white.

She is obsessed with oral care and she knows a thing or two about keeping teeth clean, bright, and healthy. And she's used her vast knowledge of oral care to craft the perfect oral care system using coconuts. Pretty incredible, we think.

But where'd she get the inspiration?

Dr. Ginger's was born out of a vision for improved oral health and an enjoyable experience doing it.

After insistent inquiries from her clients about a coconut oral care solution, Dr. Ginger found nothing on the market that she liked. So she locked herself in the lab with a bag of coconuts intent on finding a solution.

The products she formulated found their roots in an ancient practice of oil pulling. Using coconuts to feed your healthy and important bacteria while starving out the icky stuff (like plaque and ginigivitis).

And so, using ancient widsoms and modern techniques she turned the chemical-laden oral care industry on its head.

The results are oral care products that give you all the benefits of organic coconut oil and xylitol without the tedious processes, weird tastes, or even weirder ingredients found in other brands.

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