Dr. Ginger Makes Her Podcast Debut

By Dr. Ginger's Team / June 3, 2022

Dr. Ginger Makes Her Podcast Debut

We can’t wait to tell you the news!

Dr. Ginger was featured in The Wellness Wonderland Radio’s podcast, “Let It Out” with Katie Dalebout, discussing her journey from fine arts student to a cosmetic dentist to the creator of Dr. Ginger’s Products (and natural products enthusiast).

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In the Podcast

Do you know how, exactly, Dr. Ginger became a cosmetic dentist?

What first piqued Dr. Ginger’s oil pulling interest? (*Hint* She takes her patients very seriously).

What’s Dr. Ginger’s best tip for dental health?

These questions—and a handful more—are answered with interesting stories, useful tips, and a few surprises in this podcast.

Listen to This Episode of “Let It Out”

(Psst…Dr. Ginger’s segment begins at 1:22:00!)

About The Wellness Wonderland Radio’s “Let It Out”

Katie Dalebout has accomplished quite a lot in her short 26 years.

The author, blogger, speaker, life coach, and podcaster has thousands of followers across the web. Dalebout inspires her readers, followers, and listeners to find their healthiest self in all aspects of life with personal stories and inspiring leaders in every corner of the health community.

Her “Let It Out” podcast began in 2011 and is on its fifth season, having been named:

Let It Out…And Listen Up!

What are you waiting for? Have a listen to the engaging podcast yourself:

Listen to the Podcast

Dr. Ginger’s Products

If you didn’t know by now…Dr. Ginger is a leading cosmetic dentist in Phoenix, Arizona with over 35 years’ experience.

Because that wasn’t impressive enough, Dr. Ginger specially formulated a toothpaste and mouthwash combination without potentially harmful chemicals and ingredients.

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