Coconut Mint Flavored

Coconut Oil Mouthwash

Get the same great benefits of coconut oil pulling, but in 2 minutes, not 20! Simply swish our delicious Coconut Oil Mouthwash around your mouth for 2 minutes & spit, and you’re in for a full day of fresh breath.

  • Fluoride-Free, Alcohol-Free, Dye-Free
  • Supports A Healthy Oral Microbiome
  • Freshens Breath
  • Brightens Teeth
(156 customer reviews)

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A fresh take on an ancient oil pulling practice—Dr. Ginger’s Coconut Oil Mouthwash is designed to boost oral health with good, clean, organic coconuts.

Traditional coconut oil pulling is effective, however it can be inconvenient, messy, difficult, or unsavory to swish raw coconut oil for 10–20 minutes.

Our Coconut Oil Mouthwash offers a fresh, easy, great-tasting alternative by using coconut oil’s natural properties to promote a healthy mouth environment and freshen breath—without harsh chemicals.

Oh, and it only takes 2 minutes.

Our mouthwash contains only natural supporting ingredients that are necessary to ensure proper foaming action and a delicious flavor. It does not contain fluoride, alcohol, chlorhexidine, hexetidine, or other potentially harmful components to ensure it’s safe for you and your family.

Use Dr. Ginger’s Coconut Oil Mouthwash after flossing and brushing to clear any remaining debris in the mouth.

Simply take a small sip, about a capful or more, and swish around your mouth for 2 minutes and spit. You do not need to constantly swish the entire 2 minutes to get the benefits.

  • Enjoy the benefits of oil pulling—in two minutes, not twenty!
  • Coconut oil mouthwash supports healthy gums
  • Coconut oil mouthwash boosts good microbiome bacteria
  • Promotes fresh breath
  • Brightens Teeth
  • Leaves a luxuriously smooth coating on teeth and gums

Aqua (Pure Water), Cocos Nucifera (Organic Coconut) Oil, Glycerin, Xylitol, Aloe Barbadensis (Organic Aloe) Leaf Juice, Mentha Piperita (Peppermint) Oil, Citric Acid, Sodium Lauryl Sarcosinate, Zinc Chloride, Natural Flavors

No Parabens, Fluoride, Alcohol, Domiphen Bromide, Chlorhexidine, Hexetidine or Cetylpyridinium Chloride​

156 reviews for Coconut Oil Mouthwash

  1. Joseph

    I really like the flavor of this and knowing that it has coconut oil in it. I’ve tried oil pulling with just the coconut oil and it’s gross. This has a good taste and is not super thick.

  2. Alwaysbuyin

    I am on my second bottle and I love the taste. My mouth feels fresh and clean after each use. I would definitely recommend this product.

  3. Michelle M. Wilson

    This has a very pleasant taste. I was afraid it would be oily like regular coconut oil, but it not oily at all. I absolutely love this

  4. Danielle Malhotra

    Great oil pulling product. Good flavor

  5. Sarah

    This is a tasty alternative to regular mouthwash. It has great ingredients and the 2 minutes flies by using it, unlike using regular ol’ coconut oil.

  6. Cyrena

    It tastes so good. and only 2 min instead of 10, much better.

  7. j m phillips

    I have just started using this product so not sure it’s helping until I see my dentist. I think the flavor is pleasant and it’s not too heavy and the greasy feel in my mouth. I will continue to use it.

  8. W.G.Bored

    Leaves your mouth feeling refreshed

  9. Ambs

    Pulling oil should be used BEFORE brushing, this product should be used AFTER brushing. Its not bad at all, just not what I was expecting to use for oil pulling purposes.

  10. Rhonda C

    I can’t believe how well this works. I asked for recommendations from friends and I had never heard of oil pulling. It’s amazing. I can’t believe it’s cleaning my mouth after I brush. My whole mouth feels clean. Personally I love coconut, so the flavor is great.

  11. Andrea Lovell

    I like the taste of this oil. I feel like I just had a Pina colada.

  12. Junior

    Best product

  13. bunny

    Only reason I gave a 3 for traveling is you could not fly with the size….

  14. Zuri🍂

    This is the best mouthwash out here.I came from using Listerine, and I love how there is no burn. With consistent use, this has actually whitened my teeth, and helped the health of my gums improve greatly.

  15. Aislynn5235

    I’ve been using this about 2 months and at my last dentist visit my hygienist commented on how my gums look healthier. I love the taste, and the lack of alcohol, My mouth feels clean and happy but without the dryness and the overly minty experience.

  16. Jose E. Sifuentes

    So far so good ,We will see how white I can get my teeth after I’ve used up all the set of 2 mouth wash

  17. Cee Jack

    My dentist has noticed the improved health of my gums. This product is amazing! Use this instead of other harsh mouth wash brands you find in stores. Wish I would have known about this product years ago.

  18. Maureen K Stout

    Tastes great and great products

  19. Lori Gallegos

    If used as directed this product is amazing for teeth whiting and for over all oral hygieneI didn’t believe it but it works

  20. Michelle Zielinski

    Love that it doesn’t have a nasty taste, and my mouth feels much cleaner since I’ve started using it!

  21. Nancy Scheiman

    This was recommended by my dentist and I love it. It has a coconut flavor and is very refreshing.

  22. Beverly

    All natrual

  23. RT

    I just love it! Delicious taste! Is exactly what I’m looking for.

  24. Barlou

    Excellent taste!!! Agreeable to your tongue and teeth.

  25. FireSpirit Designs

    I decided to try this as an alternative to another oil pulling mouthwash I’ve been using for a while now. It’s certainly more palatable than my usual mouthwash. It tastes so much better & has a much thinner consistency than the one I normally use, that I wonder whether it’s doing as good a job medicinally! I sure hope it is, because I have to say, I much prefer this one than the other one I’ve used. It tastes almost too good & tastes very fresh. I’ll probably be buying this again in the future. I think it’s a very good product.

  26. Carolyn Thompson

    I enjoy using this everyday!

  27. Daniel Felix Gonzalez

    not much to say about it, taste good, and its refreshing, will buy more in the future.

  28. Jye English

    This Mouthwash tastes great, isn’t harsh, feels like it cleans, and doesn’t make your mouth burn when you use it. The coconut oil gives a nice “mouth-feel” that you don’t normally have with mouthwashes. 10/10, will buy again!

  29. Tuan Q Do

    Good product!

  30. Rosalind Newsome

    It’s taste so good and it’s good for you, it what mouthwash should be.

  31. SH

    Great taste and easy on your tooth enamel.

  32. Patsy

    It is high priced. Swish well and gargle.Must not spit out down drain. Can can spit in toilet and flush

  33. K D

    I have very sensitive gums and I tried several of mouthwashes, unfortunately each of them usually don’t taste right or have some kind of numbness feeling to the mouth and it just don’t do what it supposed to do. This one has tiny bit of sweet honey test but nothing to crazy, taste good and most importantly it does help with sensitive gums, you can 100% feel the difference buy using it the first time. I keep it now constantly on stock at home, as mater of fact, is so good that entire family started using it even the children. Definitely recommend it if you have any oral issues/discomfort.

  34. Michele Reid

    Need more time.

  35. Zully H.

    I have dealt with a geographic tongue for years, mostly due to drinking super hot beverages and spicy and acidic foods. This product has improved the appearance and I will continue using it.

  36. Sally

    Coconut oil pulling mouth wash leaves mouth feeling super clean and very fresh. Pleasant gentle flavor.

  37. Gina

    Like this product. Doesn’t dry out my mouth like normal mouthwashes

  38. Doritza Monzon

    I like the taste and it whitens your teeth. My kids like it bc it doesn’t burn or have a minty taste.

  39. kaila

    I’ve been using it for a week now and i’ve already noticed a difference. the taste isn’t the best or minty

  40. JR Texas

    This is by far the best mouth wash I have ever tried. Total natural and no alcohol added. Highly recommend it to anyone.

  41. Bob & Ginny Moncrief

    I love this mouthwash!! It tastes great! Leaves my mouth fresh. Good value for the money.

  42. Brandi R

    My mouth feels so clean and minty.

  43. Rebekah Kersting

    I cant stand the mouth washes that have too much mint as it feels like it is burning my tongue off. This stuff is amazing. It gets the job done and with the right amount of mint.

  44. Sandra

    Me encanta el sabor y deja mi boca limpia

  45. Mona Nolen

    Very good product

  46. Ramnovi

    I notice most reviews where not liking the taste claiming it’s too sweet. I don’t think that at all. Honestly to me it’s really not that sweet which is the perfect flavor for me. I can taste the refreshing mint also I can taste the coconut flavor as well. It’s the perfect match. It makes my mouth nice and fresh with a coconut flavor. I know that may sound weird to most but for me I like unusual natural things. I like this mouthwash.

  47. Julia

    The flavor of this is way better than other products like this I’ve tried. Haven’t used it long enough to tell if it will really help heal my infected gums. I wish the mint flavor was a little stronger so you can feel fresh and clean.

  48. Alexander Anthony Klein

    I hate coconut but wanted the benefits of oil pulling. Swishing with pure coconut oil is gross to me so I love this alternative. The mint and coconut combo is good and takes away some of the coconut flavor. It is close to the same consistency as regular mouthwash. Makes my mouth feel dentist clean!

  49. peacerosereader

    I actually like the coconut taste because it wasn’t pronounced. The fluid is easier to pull than others I’ve tried. Ten minutes go by fast. Refreshing.

  50. KINGDUG51

    It works!! Teeth visibly whiter!! Tastes great!

  51. Cheryl L.

    Time will tell if it really helps my gums. Refreshing taste. On the 2nd bottle and see a slight improvment.

  52. Esra Yildiz


  53. Grendy Gonzalez

    I had a little sore inside my mouth within 2 days of using this was gone and my breath improved 100%. This is a great product and i will keep buying this.

  54. Holly B

    Don’t walk RUN to get this! I’ve had gum issues for years and have tried all types of products and nothing healed them until somebody recommended Dr Gingers! I used it for three months, went to the dentist for my cleaning and the hygienist was so shocked in my gum improvement! I’ve continued to use this and finally have a healthy mouth. A plus, the whitening works, so many people have asked if I’ve had teeth whitening done.

  55. Jamie

    I love this mouthwash. It Really helps my mouth and freshens breath.

  56. c price

    This is a good product. Be sure to shake before using. It slightly solidified due to the coconut oil. Tasty nice. Only been using a couple of weeks. No bad breath 🙂

  57. Carefree Retiree

    This has an incredibly good taste to it! It’s like something you would want to drink. I won’t go that far, but I will definitely keep buying this. It leaves my mouth very clean-feeling, with a mild mint flavor that’s not overpowering in the least. This product is advertised as being an alternative to oil-pulling. It doesn’t have an oily texture – it’s more of a watery-type texture. I can’t say for sure whether it really works to clean your mouth and detox your gums as well as oil-pulling; however, I believe the effects are probably similar. One thing is for sure, this product is much more pleasant to use than many of the oils I’ve tried.

  58. leslie caples

    I will Only Use this mouth wash for the rest of my life!

  59. KC

    Awesome flavor.

  60. lucy spencer

    Love the flavor.. helped a toothache..and mouth feels great..clean

  61. Terry Flynn

    Great product!

  62. Nancy H.

    It seems to be helping my dry mouth problem

  63. Dr. WD Winchester

    Wow! This is the best tasting mouthwash I have ever used. It is not minty and it almost seems like you shouldn’t be rinsing your mouth with it before you go to sleep because it tastes so good! Even better, it leaves your mouth and teeth feeling soooo clean! I think my morning breath is even better. I will buy again. I only wish the bottles were bigger. I am using very little and I know I will go through it quickly.

  64. patricia l delvillan

    Excellent product. Pleasant tast. Very effective!

  65. andrew oh

    After 3 days of use I noticed how fresh my mouth was and my urge to brush my teeth every morning went away lol. Not sure how it works for whitening yet but it definitely helps you keep your breathe fresh and way better than any other product I have used. Oil-pulling is underrated.

  66. RG

    This has a serious Coconut flavor to it! If you like or love coconut milk you’ll find it tough to not want to drink down this stuff, IT TASTES SO GOOD. Doesn’t have much after taste and doesn’t have much in the way of a fresh breath kick like most mouth washes do, I’d assume this is more for gentle mouth purifying than powerful minty breath.

  67. Candi Alexander

    This product produced some results, still better feeling than from most commercial mouthwash. BUT my preference is a thicker texture. Great quality overall 👌 😁

  68. Anonymous

    This mouthwash works reasonably well on its own but it works much better when combined with avocado oil. When used in this fashion this mouthwash adds a decent flavor to the avocado oil which makes the entire process a lot easier as you generally need to swish the mixture around for ten minutes for it to work as intended. By combining the two you get more pulling power with the avocado oil while also getting the pleasant coconut flavor of the mouthwash, making the pulling oil experience far more enjoyable. I haven’t experimented with combining this mouthwash with other oils but I’m sure other commonly used pulling oils will work just as well as avocado oil for this purpose.

  69. DestinTart

    For health reasons, I do not use any oral rinse with flouride or artificial flavoring or alcohol. I usually use the Closys rinse, but it is a neutral taste. I happened upon this product and decided to give it a try, since it utilizes coconut oil, which is so beneficial for oral health, but I have trouble doing oil pulling with coconut oil from the pantry. This rinse is thin texture, not oily in feel, and has a wonderful taste treat. It is more expensive than the oral rinse I have been using, but I will reorder.

  70. Chelsea Azille

    I bought this in conjunction with an oral antibiotic for my breath and this product has been amazing so far. Great taste and its improved my breath and oral health. Will purchase indefinitely

  71. B Rad

    I have used this quite a bit and it’s going to work..making my mouth healthier..I like the taste the mint flavor is amazing I am all about it

  72. Douglas R Bone

    Loved this pulling oil!

  73. RedCandy

    Fantastic product! I have had a history of gum disease, and have been using ALL of the Dr. Ginger’s products to great effect and overall oral health. Love the taste of this mouthwash, as well as the ease of use and benefits. Highly recommend ALL of Dr. Ginger’s products, as they taste great and work well. A+

  74. Matthew Martin

    Love the product, however cap was broken and leaked all in the packaging.

  75. Neil

    I ordered my first bottle of Dr. Ginger’s mouthwash after someone recommended it on an IG story. Old school oil pulling is not for me but I wanted all the glorious benefits.Dr. Ginger’s delivers! My teeth are whiter (more so then when I did tooth-whitening at the DDS) and more brilliant. I am now on regular reorder for both Dr. Gingers mouthwash and toothpaste as part of my dental self-care. I enjoy the refreshing flavor, texture is great (especially for a fluoride-free paste) and my smiles are looking great.I not only recommend these products, I literally push them on all my friends.

  76. Jeanne

    Awesome product. Tastes good. Leaves mouth sooooooooo. Clean. Swish for 2 minutes. Love Dr. GINGER’S productsAnd her sons packaging. Thank you. Appreciate you very much. ♡♡♡ I use about a teaspoon or less. Small mouth

  77. Eric

    Instantly removed the candida coating from my tongue that Listerine did absolute nothing about after years of use. Listerine attracts bacteria to your mouth. Coconut oil scares them away… that’s why you’re teeth end up looking cleaner and whiter from using this product.Every dental product should include coconut oil instead of fluoride… but of course, then half the reason for needing a dentist would vanish overnight. So they’d rather keep the poison in. Buy this product if you’re looking to clean your teeth without poisoning yourself, and/or inviting cavities.

  78. Cheyenne

    This is sort of a neutral mouth wash. It does not dry out my mouth, has a pleasant taste and seems to whiten my teeth at least a little.

  79. Dani

    Obsessed with this mouthwash I’ve probably purchased it 4/5 times. It truly makes a difference!I highly recommend trying this mouthwash if you’re looking for something more natural and to help whiten your teeth

  80. William T. Burnham

    Bought previously.. works

  81. florinda cacicio

    I’m truly loving this mouthwash!! It’s great!! I wanted to try the pulling mouthwash for so long, I’ve used straight up coconut oil and that was good but, I always had to spit it out in a paper cup and dispose of it because you can spit it out in your sink because it can clog your pipes. So, this is a great alternative I’ve been using it for three days and I’m truly enjoying it. The price is right and the flavor is not to strong just right!

  82. Cynthia M.

    Great product. Great taste and I can see and feel a difference

  83. Godfrey Patterson

    Really good product

  84. Ramona K.

    I love this mouth wash. I was able to get rid of dry mouth by using it.

  85. CookEase

    Not only is this the best tasting mouthwash, I use it as a pre-brushing rinse in the morning and it makes a difference on whitening my teeth and cleaning my teeth and gums.

  86. STUFFellaneous

    Purchased for husband. He loves this product and has ordered several times. Works as a advertised. Highly recommend.

  87. leslie caples

    I love the flavor and how my mouth feels after using it. Absolutely the best mouthwash ever made .

  88. Lee Rider

    This stuff really works by cleansing my teeth and gums. I also love the taste and the aftertaste of coconut is delish and refreshing! Pulling is great for oral hygiene, so why not bump it up with a good tasting product! Double kit is worth every cent!

  89. Stan

    Not worth the price

  90. Kayla

    Okkk i love this product. I use Dr ginger toothpaste with my arm and hammer toothpaste and afterwards i use the dr Ginger month wash. When i tell you guys my teeth are very bright and shiny now the dr ginger month wash taste very well the toothpaste is okk but i love the baking soda taste and what arm and hammer toothpaste does for me thats why i use them both at the same time. Pleaae give a this product a try

  91. Laura Peters

    I love this – will continue to use. I use all of the Dr Ginger products.

  92. Stephen Ledwith

    Friend turned me on to this. Love the flavor and the feel. It’s pricey, but I definitely enjoy it.

  93. Stan

    I’m not sure if it works. But I like the flavor

  94. Leila Wolfert

    This is my second bottle. I had tried oil pulling and just couldn’t do it for more than 20 seconds. This wonderful product is tasty and refreshing and I can swish it in my mouth for two full minutes once a day. As s result my teeth are very white and my mouth feels so clean! Highly recommend, I aldo use their toothpaste and it’s great too plus it doesn’t ha e any awful dangerous fluoride. Thank you for making these excellent products.

  95. Norma Vaughan

    Best product ever

  96. Nora

    Best tasting coconut mouthwash and toothpaste I’ve ever tried! Best part is I’ve been cavity free since switching from fluoride mouthwash & toothpastes!

  97. Dexter ❤️❤️

    I love this product. I was looking for a natural mouthwash and I usually use listerine naturals. I prefer this product for the taste. I’m not sure if it has been whitening my teeth since if I is it’s gradual. But I also love the idea of pulling with it without the hassle of using an actual oil.

  98. SN

    Great product

  99. Naomi Green

    I love the taste, and I don’t like coconut flavorings.

  100. Sir Reviews A Lot

    Leaves my mouth feeling reinvigorated and the ingredients are so healthy! The taste isn’t that bad either. It’s a little spendy, but I really enjoy this product.

  101. Dave S

    Well I love anything coconut. So this was right up my ally. It’s coconut and mint. You wouldn’t think these would go together but they do. I use it for my dry mouth. After brushing my teeth. I use it twice a day. Really like the flavor. It’s NOT too sweet like some have said. Not for me anyway. Large bottle so it’ll last me awhile. It’s not cheap, but I saved money by buying two bottles at once. It’s good for dry mouth and makes your breath fresh after using. I like it and will order it again!!!

  102. Mary

    This seems to be very gentle and effective. I have been using for months and now my husband is using it too. Much better than the harsh brands offered elsewhere.

  103. L. Bates

    Helps my gums and really doesn’t have a strong mint flavor. I like that!

  104. Jilly

    This is the most delightful and healthful oral rinse I have ever used. Even my Dentist was surprised that my teeth are starting to really hold up well. My family has a history of weak teeth so I use the best products I can for optimal oral health. I also use Dr. Ginger’s Coconut Oil Toothpaste will continue to buy both products from this seller. A+ products, always packaged perfectly, never a leak or a smashed box. And FAST! I usually receive the product within 3 days of ordering (at the latest, it’s usually two). I couldn’t ask for more. Thank You ♥

  105. kenny

    Makes your mouth fresh all day the taste is not that bad.

  106. AnimaloverinSD

    Love this mouthwash!

  107. Henry Castillo

    Es muy bueno para la boca quita el mal aliento y fortalece los dientes y las encías

  108. RYAN

    I couldn’t tell if it had any effect on my mouth or teeth, but it sure tastes great! Was hard not to swallow it!

  109. Heidi Rose

    Love it!

  110. M. Verdun

    I love this mouthwash. No alcohol or fluoride, tastes great and no oily feel of coconut oil. I can swish away.

  111. K_L_S

    Addicted. I tend to have a dry mouth from medication I take & this product really makes a difference. My teen son who has never used a mouth wash consistently uses it daily and can’t stand to run out. 👍🏼 Also, great taste!

  112. Donna Mitchell


  113. linda hargrove-teets

    I have used Dr. Ginger’s mouthwash for a long time now, we’ll over a year. For the first time one of my 2 bottles does not have a seal on it. I am uncomfortable using it for this reason. I need another bottle to get me through the month until October’s shipment comes but I am having great difficulty getting it. Why I do not know?

  114. Belinda M Martinez

    Great tasting, keeps my teeth white & great for oil pulling

  115. Ken123


  116. JDJD

    Brought this twice because it helped with my gym inflammation. I pulled every day twice for at least 15 mins each time.

  117. Renee Alexander


  118. i1der2


  119. SPrice

    This product keeps my breath smelling and my teeth clean.

  120. Casey

    It tastes good. It feels good. Natural ingredients, no fluoride or alcohol. I love it!

  121. Judy Glover

    A reorder. Tried an option from a local store. It was terrible!

  122. Emily

    Great sweet taste. I love that it has xyitol instead of flouride. Easy to swish in one to two minutes then spit out. I would highly recommend for pregnant people who can’t stand mint taste.

  123. Sterling Hopkins

    I have been using Dr. Ginger’s mouthwash for over 6 months now and I have to say it’s one of the best changes in my life. The feeling it leaves afterwards is refreshing. And who doesn’t love the taste of coconut?

  124. Sarah B

    I love this. I wish it wasn’t so expansive (I couldn’t justify to repurchase), but the taste is phenomenal!

  125. Darkstar


  126. Rosa Colon

    I really, really, really liked this product. It tastes great and the freshness in your mouth after using it is awesome! Excellent product!!

  127. Fran S.

    The toothpaste and mouthwash tastes good and leaves my mouth fresh. The delivery was prompt with no problems!

  128. Robert B

    I like the fact this mouthwash doesn’t burn your tongue. Most other brands -even no alcohol products- do tend to burn your tongue.

  129. Tamara

    Just started using this and it taste great and leaves my mouth feeling fresh and clean.

  130. RK

    Love this stuff. Makes my mouth feel great, doesn’t burn, and tastes amazing.

  131. Galaxy Love

    Great taste and leaves my mouth refreshed

  132. SusanT

    I really like the mouth rinse, the taste is great and will order again.

  133. MR

    Love it!

  134. phil

    Good buy!

  135. Fantasy

    Best mouthwash I have every had.

  136. Jen M

    Excellent product. This product has a great taste. I always look for things that are great for my body. This product leaves my mouth feeling fresh. Thankful I found it. Keep up the great work. I will be buying more of this in the future!

  137. Christine Kieran

    This product tastes great and while I still try to use regular coconut pulling as well this is my go to for when I do not want to take 20 minutes swishing with reg coconut oil.

  138. AmyLBBauman

    I am surprised by how much I enjoy the taste of this mouthwash! I hate mouthwashes that leave my mouth burning. This one leaves my mouth feeling very cool and refreshed. I can’t comment on whitening yet as I’ve only used it sporadically but will update when I am more consistent. I would definitely recommend this.

  139. Haley

    This bottle is a great size and this is a great crossover product to transition to a natural mouthwash! The taste is a light coconut with a hint of mint, not too strong and perfect for my autistic and sensory sensitive son. I would like it if it were free of glycerin, but that is a small thing that I don’t mind since I like this product overall. I love that it is free of harmful ingredients and a perfect mouthwash for the entire family!

  140. KC25

    I haven’t been able to use regular big name mouthwash because the alcohol is too harsh. My mouth will get too irritated. Others I have tried have tasted terrible. This is the best by far. It is light minty, not overly ginger and doesn’t burn my mouth up at all. I like that it uses xylitol for cavity fighting as I find it very effective. Overall I am very happy and I will be reordering this a lot. I hope they come up with a children’s friendly flavor. I’d love my daughter to use this too.

  141. KG

    Leaves your mouth clean and fresh feeling. It is sweet, no mediciney or chemical flavor

  142. Hannah Puckett

    I really enjoy this mouthwash. I like having a fresh feeling in my mouth, but I generally hate the painfully potent experience I have had with most commercial mouthwashes. I was excited about trying this mouthwash because the ingredients are more natural than the things I have been using.The flavor is good, but not so good you have a hard time spitting it out 😉 It tastes a lot like Coconut, but there is a very fresh feeling that prevents any sugary aftertaste. My mouth feels very fresh when I use it. It is not painful at all.Pros:* delicious* feels fresh* not painfulConsnone

  143. Disneymom76

    I kept hearing people talk about coconut mouthwash so I figured why not! I must say I am impressed! I don’t know what I was expecting, but one thing that I absolutely love is that it’s natural and there’s not a sting from alcohol like other mouthwashes. The flavor is great too. I was really surprised by the overall clean feeling and it seemed like I had extra fresh breathe! I am thinking about trying the other oral products as well!

  144. Cmhd

    This mouthwash is not very minty but I love it! I enjoy the fact that it is natural and has adequate ingredients to help my teeth stay clean. It is actually quite refreshing once I use it in the morning. I highly recommend this product to anyone who would like a natural mouthwash without all that nasty stuff in conventional mouthwashes. This has a great flavor with the reassurance knowing that what you are putting into your mouth will not harm you.

  145. LawFam6

    I love this mouthwash and I’m so glad I found it! I have recently decided to go to a completely chemical free household. This is certainly not an easy endeavor, particularly with things that we’ve become so used to using like toothpaste, and mouthwash. I read about oil pulling and how beneficial it is for dental health, but I just cannot do it. Even the idea grosses me out. When I saw this mouthwash, I looked at the ingredients and everything is completely natural and chemical free. I had also just recently read how xylitol, a sugar alcohol, can help reduce cavities. So, when I saw xylitol is one of the ingredients I knew I had to try it. After reading the directions I knew that I needed to swish it around for at least two minutes, so I was excited to find out that it tastes fantastic! It has just a slight taste of mint mixed with the tropical flavor of coconut, and it’s so good! It leaves my teeth feeling really clean and smooth all day long until I brush at night. I’ve had this bottle for about two weeks, and I’m maybe 1/3 of the way through. It doesn’t specify how much you should use at a time, so I find a small amount works perfectly. I highly recommend this product and I will definitely be buying it again.

  146. Mallory A Meaux

    This is a different mouthwash. I was expecting a more coconut taste but it’s not really much. I actually don’t like coconut so I was afraid that I wouldn’t like it but I like the concept of oil pulling so I really wanted to try this. The mouthwash is the slightly minty taste with a slight coconut after taste. I have been using for about a week. My mouth feels minty fresh but I haven’t noticed any huge results yet. I expect it does take more time and consistent usage to see a big difference.

  147. Kelly Parker

    I received this mouth wash as a gift from my sister because she uses it and really likes it so she wanted me to try it also. I was surprised by the taste, thinking it was going to be REALLY “coconutty” and it really wasn’t.. It’s a nice blend of the coconut and mint. It does keep your breath fresh for hours. I have been using this with the Dr. Gingers coconut oil toothpaste, although I personally haven’t noticed a difference with the whiteness of my teeth, I’m going to continue to use to see if I notice a difference in a few weeks. I also find that it’s a bit pricey for it not being a very large bottle, so I don’t think I’ll be getting another bottle. I do like that there is no fluoride or peroxide because I worry about the harshness on my teeth. But if price is not an issue, I would definitely recommend it!

  148. SGL

    Love this! Anxious to see if it makes my gums regrow. … how long does it take?

  149. Heather Pezoldt

    Was leary, but this mouthwash has a great taste. This product does works as described. I will definitely purchase again.

  150. ssummers

    I love the taste! Much easier to use than waiting for coconut oil to melt in your mouth to do oil pulling that way.

  151. C.

    Great mouthwash! Works extra well in conjunction with their toothpaste.

  152. D. racq

    I absolutely love this product, I love the way my teeth feel after I use it… Definitely recommend!!

  153. Avid Online Sopper

    Works well, great tasting mouthwash.

  154. maggie amico

    I ordered this product about a month ago, and I am very happy with it. My mouth feels refreshed and clean after using it. I will order it again.

  155. Karla K.

    This mouthwash is great! It has an amazing taste and leaves my mouth feeling clean. I cant stand oil pulling and this is a GREAT alternative. Will definetely repurchase this.

  156. Geni Bump

    I love this product! I have been oil pulling and teeth whitening with coconut oil,but this product tastes and smells great! My teeth are white and I get compliments a lot! Even my hygienist told my dentist I use a water pick..I dont! I just use cocunut oil!

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