Fluoride Free
Non G M O
No Alcohol
Gluten Free
Cruelty Free

Coconut Mint Flavored

Coconut Oil Toothpaste

Clean with organic coconuts.

Our one-of-a-kind toothpaste with organic Coconut Oil + Xylitol supports a healthy oral microbiome. No more chemicals, dyes, or over-done tastes.

  • Made With Organic Coconut Oil
  • Whitens Teeth & Freshens Breath
  • Supports Healthy Gums & Teeth
  • Perfect For Sensitive Teeth
(40 customer reviews)

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We aim to encourage oral and overall wellness through a wholesome alternative to the chemical-laden toothpaste most Americans use. Our patent-pending, one-of-a-kind formula was developed by Dr. Ginger—a renowned cosmetic dentist.

Dr. Ginger’s Coconut Oil Toothpaste is made without fluoride, propylene glycol, diethanolamine, microbeads, and other potentially harmful components to ensure it’s safe for you, your family, and the environment.

Additional Information

Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 1.5 × 1.75 × 7 in

40 reviews for Coconut Oil Toothpaste

  1. Sue Doppler

    I do oil pull my teeth. When this was advertised as “oil pulling toothpaste” I thought I’d give it a try. I like the taste and my mouth feels clean after using it. Because of the price after my first tube of Dr. Ginger’s toothpaste I used another brand of toothpaste; which was okay. I have now reorderer Dr. Ginger’s toothpaste and plan on making it my permanent toothpaste (unless the price gets to high).

  2. shakevia daniels

    It has a nice flavor and texture to it.

  3. NJ Solutions

    Really like the mild flavor and smoothness. It’s not too thick nor hard to squeeze out—a bit runnier and lighter than other toothpastes due to the coconut oil—and I like that. Don’t get that overwhelming, almost-burning sensation after rinsing either, as is the case with a lot of other overly-minty pastes. Very pleased with this find.

  4. Kara m.

    Love the flavor! Not super minty but I like that. I’ve noticed my teeth are whiter after just two weeks of use also a decrease in bleeding gums which I presume is due to the anti microbial properties of coconut oil! Isn’t super sudsey but leaves my teeth feeling squeeky clean!

  5. Irene

    Cured my bad breath, now I wont use anything else, I tried minty brands and ones with peroxide, nothing worked but these coconut toothpastes work, they sell out fast!

  6. Rosy

    This exceeded what I thought it would be like in my head. The taste & freshness Is different but I like it. My teeth feel more clean to me & look whiter & I am a fan & I just bought another tube.

  7. Denise

    This is the best product in the world and it beats Sensodyne by 100. I’ve used it for almost a year now it won’t it takes the sting out of my teeth and believe me my teeth are bad. Awesome awesome awesome can’t say anything more.

  8. Missy

    Great toothpaste that really whitens my teeth with my sonic electric toothbrush.

  9. Kelly H

    Great taste and works great.

  10. SARJ

    This toothpaste is a little pricey but so far so good.There is only a hint of coconut oil in the flavor and it leaves my teeth clean and breath fresh.

  11. Deen

    My teeth thank you..

  12. Palau-Liu

    We are trying it for the first time and so far we are loving it!

  13. Silvia

    This tootpaste seems just like any other toothpaste in terms of flavor and how well it cleans, which I think is a good thing. It does not sud up like any other toothpaste, which is kinda weird but hey. It need what it needed to.

  14. Stacy Lockdown

    LLuv et , my breath is fresher and i even notice i dont have morning breath

  15. Rikka

    I like this toothpaste, but I feel like it’s dramatically overpriced. A luxury price to convince you it’s a luxury product. You could get the same effect brushing with coconut oil. I can’t recommend this unless you have the money to blow.

  16. Vanessa

    We’ve been using for 6 mos, kid s(10/13) mo cavities no tarter 👍🏽 This is the only thing we will use from now on!! 100 recommend

  17. Dakotah

    I love the light flavor of this and it’s so much nicer than regular garbage toothpaste.

  18. Fit4Life

    Excellent paste.

  19. Brian Clark

    The flavor is amazing, like desert or an aperitif. Makes you look forward to brushing

  20. CML

    I love this toothpaste. The flavor is good, and I enjoy the feel in my mouth.

  21. Monique

    I love this toothpaste. The freshness doesn’t last as long as regular toothpaste does but that’s not an issue for me. I will 10/10 recommend and repurchase. Knowing the toothpaste doesn’t have all the chemicals normal toothpastes have is also great!

  22. MJ

    I’m glad I switched to this toothpaste i was having unexplainable toothache nothing medical my teeth are in great condition ,butI would have these aches all the time I soon as I stopped using the other big brands, and Iswitch to this toothpaste the ache stopped .

  23. mybluemoons

    This is the toothpaste of my dreams. The flavor is natural, it doesn’t create foam when brushing and my teeth are whitening. Hope to eventually make my own to reduce waste and shipping/production impact on the environment.

  24. Sondra S.

    the clean crisp way my mouth feels after brushing….is what I really liked best about this product. It was light not heavy and not pasty and left a refreshing in my mouth that was not full of flavoring or pastiness.

  25. cory Boland

    Great toothpaste love it just a little expensive

  26. Eva a

    I liked the ingredients! Didn’t taste that great. Didn’t see effective results! Maybe I didn’t use it enough times? Not sure

  27. scicon77

    Works and tastes great

  28. John C.

    I love that Dr Ginger’s tooth paste is all natural. It does not contain fluoride, brightens your teeth, reduces plaque and freshens your breath.

  29. Lakesgram

    I have been using the Dr. Ginger’s Coconut Oil Toothpaste for almost a year now and wanted to update my review. This morning my husband and I went to the dentist for our 6 month cleanings and the dentist asked us what we’ve been using because both of our checkups were better than he’s ever seen before. I told him about the Dr. Ginger’s and he said keep using it because it seems to be working great for us. I also use the Dr. Ginger’s Coconut Oil mouthwash and I plan on continuing using these products especially since my dentist was pleased with our checkups. (On my previous review I also reviewed the Dr. Ginger’s toothpaste with White Charcoal but discontinued it because it seemed to be darkening my teeth, not whitening them.)

  30. Care Bears 🧸🧸🧸🧸Care Bears 🧸🧸🧸🧸

    Toothpaste has a very good texture and very pleasant taste. Even very tasty. I buy it for my child. It is refreshing without aggressive ingredients and maintains good oral hygiene. We use fluoride-free toothpastes that have been scientifically proven to be dangerous and, if swallowed, endangering health, and in large quantities, even the life of a child. I recommend for use by both children (my age is 7 years old) and adults. Do not dry your mouth, which is also good. I buy for the second time and I am happy.

  31. MK

    I bought this because of their mouthwash I found in a natural food store that I really like! The taste is really pleasant and my teeth feel nice and clean after I brush. It comes out of the tube a little fast because of the consistency not being quite as thick as normal toothpaste but overall it’s great!

  32. Charlie

    Keeps cavities in check, fresh taste, fresh feel and does a good job on your teeth. Preventive mouth maintenance.

  33. Mamas

    Crest and any whitening toothpaste makes my teeth really sensitive sometimes. This toothpaste tastes good and I feel like it does a good job cleaning my teeth with none of the other chemicals.

  34. Denise Lasalle

    I like this product! It has a pleasant taste that doesn’t burn my tongue, and there’s no bad after taste! My mouth feels fresh and very clean. I am very pleased with this product!!!

  35. Nicole Tomassini

    I tried Dr. Ginger’s Coconut toothpaste about 6months ago and haven’t looked back. I used to wake up with a not great feeling and taste in my mouth. It took my mouth a few days to adjust to not having it scraped clean (unnaturally) with flouride and mint. Now, I never wake up with a bad taste in my mouth, have no bad breath and my teeth feel clean and shiny. Feels very natural. No minty fake freshness anymore!Highly recommend.

  36. Hannah Duenke

    My entire life I’ve used Arm & Hammer with peroxide, but I’ve always had horrible bleeding gums no matter how much I brush or floss. When it came time to buy another, I thought maybe this wouldn’t be as harsh and possibly help my gums heal. Well, I can’t confirm that it was this toothpaste but my teeth and gums felt so much better after replacing my usual with Dr. Ginger’s! I recently ran out and Target no longer carries it in-store, so I’ve fallen back on A&H and my gums are bleeding again, so it’s time to order another!

  37. Adrian

    Seems to leave my mouth feeling clean without the harsh chemicals which is what I was looking for.

  38. Melissa Groves

    Great stuff

  39. RoseGardenBride

    It’s the ONLY toothpaste this household uses. We’re devoted to Dr. Gingers products.

  40. G Price

    This toothpaste is such a great combination of Fresh & Flavorful. Not too minty, but refreshing. And so healthy without the fluoride and harsh chemicals. Try it – you’ll be hooked in no time!

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Product Ingredients

Aqua, Cocos Nucifera (Organic Coconut) Oil, Hydrated Silica, Glycerin, Xylitol, Mentha Piperita (Organic Peppermint) Oil, Chondrus Crispus (Irish Moss) Extract, Sodium Coco-Sulfate, Aloe Barbadensis (Organic Aloe) Leaf Juice, Titanium Dioxide, Natural Flavors

Product Benefits

  • Coconut oil supports gums
  • Coconut oil boosts good bacteria
  • Xylitol helps to strengthen teeth
  • Fights plaque naturally
  • Promotes fresh breath

Smile Easy, All Of Our Products Are:

Gluten Free, Clinically Tested
Fluoride Free, Non GMO
Cruelty Free and Delicious

What's so special about Dr. Ginger's products?

The coconut oil + xylitol effect.

Organic coconut oil is a powerful natural ingredient that reduces harmful bacteria in the mouth while boosting good bacteria. When combined with xylitol, the two ingredients protect the tooth with a silky smooth layer that plaque cannot adhere to and bad bacteria cannot digest, giving you a clean mouth without any need for harmful chemicals or dyes.

In other words: Dr. Ginger’s doesn’t attack your mouth with man-made chemicals like other kinds of toothpaste and mouthwash. We use what’s already in nature to defend against bad bacteria and plaque. It’s a smarter approach.

We think the combo is pretty great, so that’s why you can find organic coconut oil and xylitol in every one of Dr. Ginger’s products!

Dr. Ginger's Teeth Whitening Pen laying amongst palm fronds and a coconut husk
Organic Coconut Oil in a jar
Dr. Ginger's White Charcoal Floss surrounded by palm fronds