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Mouthwash Tablets

Bite, sip, and swish for a clean and fresh mouth. All packed in an infinitely recyclable tin.

  • 60 Count Pack = 60 Brushes
  • Soft Tablets, Easy On Teeth
  • Eco-Friendly, Shipping-Friendly
  • 4 Year Shelf Life
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Dr. Ginger’s Mouthwash Tablets! These soft tablets break apart in your mouth with mild chewing and dissolve when a small amount of water is added, creating a true mouthwash experience. They taste great just like our regular mouthwash but come in a handy to-go tin. Packed full of organic coconut and organic mint powder, plus the natural sweetness of xylitol, Dr. Ginger’s Mouthwash Tablets are a great addition to your oral care routine. Designed to go just about anywhere, these tablets pack smaller than our mouthwash bottle and are easy to take on the go. In addition, they use less water to produce and create far less shipping emissions to get to your door. Try Dr. Ginger’s Mouthwash Tablets for a good-looking smile (that you can feel good about, too)! 

To use: Simply chew the tablet for a few seconds to powderize it, take 1 small sip of water, swish until all granules are gone, spit the excess and enjoy a fresh feeling mouth!

Additional Information

Weight 1.62 oz
Dimensions 3.8 × 2.4 × .9 in

34 reviews for Mouthwash Tablets

  1. Hedera Femme

    This had a pleasant, minty flavor with a hint of coconut. It wasn’t too spicy, but at the same time, I don’t know how much it will freshen your breath, as the mint flavor is relatively subtle. My favorite thing is the fact that there is less packaging and almost no plastic, making this so much more eco-friendly choice.

  2. F. Todd

    What I love most about these is their portability. I can keep a few in a pill case and freshen up my breath on the go without worrying about spilling mouthwash. I smoke cigars and keep these on my person when out and about. While these don’t eradicate the ashtray mouth, it does a good job at masking it and muting the smell without a minty burn. Flavor is a minty pina colada, subtle, dry but smooth. Doesn’t linger much but seems to neutralize you breath pretty well.

  3. outdoor32

    PROS:-Has a fresh coconut flavor and scent.-Convenient to travel with. Saves a lot of space in my bag.Considerations:-The instructions say to swish this around for 2 whole minutes. That’s longer than the 30 seconds I am used to.-The tablet takes about 30 seconds to dissolve but then it just feels like I’m swishing gritty chalk around my mouth.mouth.-After spitting this out, I still notice grit in my mouth from the tablet so I then rinse with water.Overall, I didn’t feel these tablets were practical for daily use due to the gritty feeling. However, I would recommend them for saving space while traveling.

  4. Karma

    This pack arrived with 60 mouthwash tablets containing peppermint, baking soda, coconut flavor and shell powder, and some other less known ingredients as: Gum Arabic, Xylitol, Cellulose.These tablets do feel like peppermint and coconut. First use with a little water made me feel good but certainly this cant be compared with an actual brushing of teeth with a toothbrush.Give the pros and cons this is good as a traveling set (especially to carry in a car) to wash tour tooth on regular basis (after lunch/ meal).Ended up swallowing one and it was okay. Tablet size is decent too.. you can break the tablet by chewing for better action.Bottle is far better than the expectation.

  5. Glogeworld

    I expected to experience a deep fresh mint while chewing it since I can barely taste the mint if I just did as instructed. Nicely packed, easy to travel with it.

  6. Blueberry Smiles

    It was a very nice experience using these mouthwash tablets. This is my first time experiencing an actual mouthwash tablet. I really like the concept. I like that they are not messy at all, the size is compact and that the results are very refreshing.I simply put one tablet in my mouth and added water. I noticed that the tablet wasn’t immediately dissolving, I just chewed it up and started to swish for about 2 minutes. The taste is pleasant with no burning or stinging at all, and it left my mouth feeling refreshed and clean. I love the simple yet effective ingredients.The size is great for travel or for anyone who would like to save counter or cabinet space in the bathroom. I definitely recommend it!

  7. Jeannette (verified owner)

    Pretty simple to use. The flavor is not great at all but it’s not strong, it’s very plain and makes me a little nauseous because of how plain it is but the xylitol is worth it for my teeth.

  8. Amazon Customer (verified owner)

    I’ve used other mouthwash tablets and they’ve always just dissolved in a little bit of water. These you have to chew and it’s weird. The taste is fine and my brush gets fresher and the container is wonderful but the chewing is gross. They should reformulate them. I don’t want to swish a bunch spit around my mouth I want the tablet to dissolve in water.

  9. W. Wetmore (verified owner)

    These were great at first. I kept them in my Prius’ center console. Then we had a really rainy week with high humidity, and these tablets turned all soggy. They absorbed the moisture out of the atmosphere… my car is perfectly dry. These may not be a good fit for humid environments such as South Florida. They fell apart, so I had to throw them out.

  10. KB (verified owner)

    I got these for traveling. The flavor is good but very mild, though they still leave your mouth feeling fresh.

  11. Renee (verified owner)

    Easier than using coconut oil

  12. Francesca (verified owner)

    Although its a great idea, and I was hopeful, they don’t really disolve and don’t taste very good.

  13. Aliiiiiiiiiiiaaaaaaaaaaa

    I love this oral hygiene line. These little tablets are very convenient and do a great job refreshing your mouth.

  14. Vi

    This is the first time I’ve tried mouthwash like this as I’m a Listerine consumer. It comes in a nice little convenient container which appealed to me for traveling purposes. The actual tablets though I’m not so sure I like.You’re supposed to pop one in your mouth and then use a mouthful of water to swish around in your mouth until it dissolves. The tablet itself tastes like a mixture of coconut and ginger, with more ginger notes – it’s not unpleasant; however, I honestly don’t like how long the tablet takes to dissolve.Also, the directions explicitly tell you to mouthwash with it for 2 minutes…I frankly don’t like that either. It’s a minute and a half longer than what I’m used to do doing and sheesh that’s how long I spend normally when brushing my teeth. 2 minutes is just too long and doesn’t work for me.I used it for a few days to give it a fair shake, and initially I thought it was perhaps cleaning my mouth, teeth, and gums adequately, but after a few days I found parts of my gums starting to hurt…I actually have several cavities that due to circumstances I’m unable to see a dentist about at the moment, so I got concerned. I’ve since switched back to using my regular Listerine and I feel like everything in my mouth has improved and even the gum pain has gone away for now.I can’t really properly say that this product works or doesn’t work. Perhaps when I get my teeth back into prime shape I’ll feel comfortable to give these a try again…but honestly I think overall I just prefer Listerine for now. I can’t recommend them, but I can’t outright vouch against these either.

  15. Bev

    These are great for when you are on the go and need to freshen your breath. They are easy to carry with you and you don’t have to worry about anything leaking in your bag. It does take a bit for them to dissolve and I used room temperature water. But they left my mouth feeling nice and clean and ready for my meeting after lunch.

  16. Cassie

    I am a big fan of companies that are moving away from disposable plastic containers, so this glass jar is great. The tablets are good for portion control, just be careful not to take too big of a sip of water! The flavor is nice and refreshing

  17. 101

    The concept for this mouthwash is great, but the tablets are not very effective at providing fresh breath after use. The tablets are also very grainy.

  18. 🐆😺MeoW😸🐆

    .. im a big fan of coconut and bsking soda anyway, so these are right up my alley..Nice for when you want more than just a mint.. can throw a few in a lil cintainer at work, in car, on keychain..I like the taste not overpowering..Dont dissolve as easily as i hoped but you can kinda help em along..🐈🐈🐈🐈

  19. Trebeca

    My hubby uses this when he’s at work. Easy to use. Nice to have after you eat. The taste doesnt bother him at all. Easy and convenient

  20. Burgundy Damsel

    I love the idea of these tablets.- They come in glass instead of plastic- They take up almost no space- They’re highly portable if you’re traveling- You can buy refills in eco-friendly packaging and reuse the jar- Tablets dissolve quickly and completely in your mouth with no residueIn practice, they take a little getting used to just because they’re very mild compared to standard brands like Listerine or something. You don’t get the same burn and there’s a much lighter sense of cleanliness/refreshing when you’re done. They’re probably ideal for people with sensitive mouths who don’t want the burn, but if you’re used to associating the burn with the sense that they’re working, there’s an adjustment. All things considered, they’re a great product, I think I’m still just adjusting to them.

  21. SamiSami

    These mouthwash tablets left me pleasantly surprised! They work extremely well and taste great! I was most impressed that they do indeed add brightness and whiten my teeth after just a few uses! Very convenient and environmentally friendly.

  22. Mother Nature

    things I like about this product:- Great quality ingredients- Adorable jar, love the wooden top ( I will be repurposing the jar afterwards!)- Easy to use- Perfect for traveling- Good flavor- Good recipe for teeth/ mouth healthThis doesnt give that really minty fresh breath effect like some mouthwashes, which is ok with me because I usually drink coffee a little bit after using mouthwash… but if you are looking for a minty/ strong mouthwash, this unfortunately isnt going to give you that.I found it was easiest to chew up the tablet first then put a small amount of water in my mouth.

  23. 🌟 Emma Elizabeth 🌟

    I’ve never tried a product like this before but I’m liking it a lot. It’s great for travel or on the go. It says you need to use with water, but that isn’t really necessary. The taste is pleasant and it definitely helps freshen your breath and mouth.

  24. JK

    I like the packaging this comes in. I really like the subtle coconut flavor and the clean feeling it left in my mouth. However I really don’t like how the tablets don’t dissolve well or fast. I feel like I spent the whole 2 minutes trying to chew all the little pieces of this to make it not so chunky and gritty in my mouth. It kind of felt like swishing with chalk in my mouth. No thanks. I did like the flavor and results so much though that I would be very interested in trying their regular liquid mouthwash version, so that’s definitely saying something. I could see these tablets being a great space saver for traveling or backpacking trips when it’s this or nothing so in those cases it’s just great to have something. But I don’t see these as being a good daily use option.

  25. Helios Family

    Best part of these mouthwash tablets is ingredients and it is vegan. Package is small and will be very useful while travelling.I followed the instructions and it does take more time than normal mouthwash to melt. I like the flavor though.Overall, i will consider this good while travelling not for regular use though.

  26. Elle D

    The container for these mouthwash tablets is cute. Each tablet is already scored to be split and I found out that half a tablet is plenty. They have a mild mint taste with an hint of coconut. I like that they are mild and do not burn my mouth but they are a little gritty and do not dissolve very quickly. They are definitely a great choice when traveling.Thank you for reading this review. I hope that my comments will be helpful. 😉

  27. TheProf

    I love Dr. Ginger’s toothpaste so I was eager to try the mouthwash tabs. With some travel upcoming, I thought these would be a great way to save on space and not have to deal with liquids. I liked the flavor of the tab; you get the coconut and mint flavors strong. And it was a simple process: pop the tab, take a mouthful of water, and swish. I have a very strong gag reflex so I was only able to swish for about 30-45 seconds before needing to spit. The tab doesn’t fully dissolve in that time. But my mouth felt fresher and clean. I do love the little jar. It is very cute with the bamboo lid. I do wish the tab was a quicker dissolve, but understand that it is normal for most people to swish longer.

  28. C. Wong

    I liked Dr. Ginger’s toothpaste tablets that I thought I would try her mouthwash tablets too. I did not have my glasses when I tried them so I could not read the instructions, When I was chewing the tablet, I figured out that they would work much better if I took a sip water too like I later found out in the instructions! Anywaym they will great in an emergency like the next time that we get snowed in or if we are on a trip and there is no mouthwash available. I am als of the cute little round containers wth the wooden lid. I am already trying to figure out what I can store in them after they are empty.

  29. CoCo’s Mom

    I tried out one earlier. I put one in my mouth, took a sip of water and then swished for a while. I don’t think it was for a full two minutes before I spit, though. I will have to work on that. I also use the toothpaste tablets. They are just as easy to use as this was. You do get a peppermint taste but it isn’t strong.

  30. Aderyn

    I recently tried the toothpaste tablets in this same line and really liked them, but I was disappointed in the mouthwash. It seemed as if it took quite awhile to dissolve in the sip of water, and even when I was finished there were still gritty bits lodged in my teeth where I’d originally chewed them up. The flavor is bland, and I didn’t much care for swishing the foamy, gritty mouthwash in my mouth for the two minutes specified in the instructions. It seemed like a l-o-n-g two minutes, and then I still had to rinse my mouth afterward. I love the packaging and keeping one more plastic bottle out of the waste stream, but I don’t think I’d choose this type of mouthwash again.

  31. Sunshine :)

    These are an awesome no waste product. I actually got these for long backpacking trips when carrying a big bottle of mouthwash isn’t practical. These tablet are light weight and easy to chew up. They are deliciously flavored and. I wish they were a mint so I could just eat them! The ingredients look very safe and natural so, I’m very comfortable having these in my mouth. They leave my breath fresh and smelling great. I live that the jar is glass and wood so, it could have a variety of uses once emptied. These mouthwash tabs are an awesome addition to my oral hygiene routine and, my hiking bag.

  32. Mitz

    These mouthwash tablets are really great! Fresh minty taste and they aren’t strong like Listerine which really burns my mouth. The taste is super gentle, which is a nice alternative to traditional mouthwashes. I am loving that they offer a plastic-free alternative to normal mouthwash bottles. My first time using a mouthwash tablet and I think I might be converted. Really easy to use, just drop into a little cup of water and watch it fizz. Tasted like a subtle mint, really enjoyable. Great mouthwash without the plastic container.

  33. Bornintime

    I like these mouthwash tablets. They are tasty and easy to use. You swish one around your mouth with a little water and then spit it out. I also find that you don’t really need water (if you have none available) and you don’t really need to spit it out (if that is not practical at the time). You can swallow it. The taste is coconut and pleasant. It seems to give me fresh breath. The container is a really cool jar with a wooden lid which I plan to re-purpose after the mouthwash mints are gone. I can highly recommend this product without any reservations.

  34. Jon (verified owner)

    I leave these in my car and use them in place of gum. It’s nice to have on hand for fresh breath when I am out and about. I don’t like chewing gum in people’s faces

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Product Ingredients

Gum Arabic, Mentha Piperita (Peppermint Powder), Cocos Nucifera (Organic Coconut) Oil, Xylitol, Tricalcium Phosphate, Sodium Bicarbonate (Baking Soda), Aloe Vera Powder, Cellulose, Coco-Sulfate, Natural Flavors

Product Benefits

  • Coconut powder supports healthy gums
  • Coconut powder boosts good bacteria in the mouth
  • Xylitol helps to strengthen teeth and helps good bacteria
  • Fights plaque naturally
  • Promotes fresh breath

Smile Easy, All Of Our Products Are:

Gluten Free, Clinically Tested
Fluoride Free, Non GMO
Cruelty Free and Delicious

What's so special about Dr. Ginger's products?

The coconut oil + xylitol effect.

Organic coconut oil is a powerful natural ingredient that reduces harmful bacteria in the mouth while boosting good bacteria. When combined with xylitol, the two ingredients protect the tooth with a silky smooth layer that plaque cannot adhere to and bad bacteria cannot digest, giving you a clean mouth without any need for harmful chemicals or dyes.

In other words: Dr. Ginger’s doesn’t attack your mouth with man-made chemicals like other kinds of toothpaste and mouthwash. We use what’s already in nature to defend against bad bacteria and plaque. It’s a smarter approach.

We think the combo is pretty great, so that’s why you can find organic coconut oil and xylitol in every one of Dr. Ginger’s products!

Dr. Ginger's Teeth Whitening Pen laying amongst palm fronds and a coconut husk
Organic Coconut Oil in a jar
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