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Toothpaste Tablets

Looking for all of the goodness of Dr. Ginger’s Toothpaste, but with a 100% usable product and 100% recyclable packaging? Our Toothpaste Tablets are full of delicious organic coconut & peppermint powder, plus the natural sweetness of xylitol. All packed in an infinitely recyclable tin.

  • Fluoride-Free
  • Brightens Teeth
  • Freshens Breath
  • Promotes Healthy Gums
(26 customer reviews)

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Toothpaste powder tablets! What’s the deal? Here at Dr. Ginger’s, we’re always innovating, and what we have here is the next best thing in oral care. Packed full of delicious coconuts and mint, our Coconut Powder Toothpaste Tablets have the same great taste and whitening power as our Original Coconut Oil Toothpaste, but with less packaging. Less packaging = less waste. So not only are our Coconut Powder Toothpaste Tablets good for your teeth, they’re good for our planet! Try Dr. Ginger’s Toothpaste Tablets for a good-looking smile (that you can feel good about, too)!

Bite tablet to powderize it; wet toothbrush tip; brush in a circular motion for 2 minutes to get the best result.

<li>Coconut powder supports gums</li>
<li>Coconut powder boosts good bacteria</li>
<li>Xylitol helps to strengthen teeth</li>
<li>Fights plaque naturally</li>
<li>Promotes fresh breath</li>
<li>Great for an on-the-go clean mouth</li>

Gum Arabic, Mentha Piperita (Peppermint Powder), Cocos Nucifera (Organic Coconut) Oil, Xylitol, Tricalcium Phosphate, Sodium Bicarbonate (Baking Soda), Aloe Vera Powder, Cellulose, Coco Sulfate, Natural Flavors

26 reviews for Toothpaste Tablets

  1. Amazing Grace

    Toothpaste tubes aren’t recyclable, these tablets come in a neat little tin, that’s recyclable in so many ways.

  2. AlliumByTheLake

    Dr. Ginger’s toothpaste tabletsBiting down on the first tablet felt odd. I was kind of dreading it because I was expecting something chalky, like chewing antacids (which I really hate, compounded by the gag-inducing peppermint taste). Surprisingly, there’s no chalky feel and the taste is a pleasant coconut. Not gag-inducing at all.It takes some practice to get used to knowing how much chomping to do to make sure the particles are small enough to turn foamy when scrubbed with a wet toothbrush.

  3. scharfty

    Dr Ginger’s toothpaste whitening tablets are good. I like the size of the tablets. I like the container but I do have issues trying to slide open the container. I feel that they don’t whiten my teeth as well as another tablet brand. I have purchased these 3 times until I found the dental glass jar brand

  4. TheMysteriousLibra

    If you’re into liquid-free travel items, toothpaste tabs are wonderful. I can easily put about 2 weeks worth into a smaller container and take with me. They taste great and foam up in the mouth for brushing. I found one tab to be too much for me so I split them in two to extend the life of the product.

  5. The Idahoan

    This is a great concept for cutting down on unnecessary waste. It will be great for travel, especially when you want to cut down on liquids for flying. It was easy to use and did the job, I just wish the peppermint flavor was more pronounced. I missed having that super intense fresh flavor on traditional toothpaste.

  6. lumes

    These are theoretically really environmentally friendly with the no-plastic approach. However, if you have to order these online once a month to be shipped to your home, that starts to really eat into the environmental benefits. (I could pick up some toothpaste while I’m grocery shopping and avoid the emissions and packing materials waste inherent to online ordering.) Where these shine is their usability for travel, and specifically camping or backpacking. They are not a liquid or gel, so they can travel easily through airport security. The jar seems less likely to be smelled by a bear during a camping trip (although I can’t say for sure, I don’t have the same sense of smell as a bear!) and this tablet form is definitely good for ultra lightweight backpacking: only bring the tablets you need and nothing more, so you’re not carrying a tube and extra toothpaste with you on your back.I docked a star because they are pretty gritty which is a bit unpleasant. Besides that, they are roughly the same as traditional toothpaste in overall mouth-feel.

  7. Carefree Retiree

    These are amazing! I honestly expected these to be so-so at best. Instead, I was completely surprised at how well they work and how convenient they are. They foam up really well, and get your teeth clean. They also make your mouth feel fresh. I will be buying these again!

  8. C.T.M.

    Impressions:1. I use more than the recommended amount of tablets. For me, 4 provides a much better brushing experience than less.2. This is a decent tasting toothpaste and it does leave my mouth fresh after brushing.3. This toothpaste seems to have a mild abrasiveness to it. Because of that, it does seem to have a bit of a polishing and whitening aspect to it.Overall:I think this is a great toothpaste for on the go/travel. For the home, I just don’t find it nearly as appealing as traditional toothpaste. At the same time, it works very well and leaves my mouth fresh.4 starsCheers!

  9. Susan

    The thought of these. Is great, I really like the idea of less waste for the environment.I think these will be great for traveling.They are easy to use.My only issue is I don’t feel like my teeth are as clean after using them as they are with standard toothpaste.My teeth just don’t have the same feel to them when I’m done as what I’m used to.My breath is clean, so it may just be a personal preference.These are not overly minty or coconut.

  10. rio conurerio conure

    I was sooo skeptical to try these with the coxonut addition but let me tell you i am now a believer! These are such a cool concept! You place the tablet in your mouth bite down and then put your wet toothbrush in your mouth and start scrubbing. There is a light coconut flavor but mainly its plainish. It foams up really well and once youre done your mouth feels minty which is my favorite. This is such a great way to reduce your plastic use which is so important. Clean ingredients, jar is adorable, Works great, and reduces your carbon footprint what more could you ask for!

  11. Whidbey Mary

    These are a novelty item though tooth powder was around long before toothpaste. For some reason if I brush with regular toothpaste just before I go to bed I wake up in the middle of the night with a horrible taste in my mouth. To eliminate that problem I have been using baking soda at night and the problem disappeared, I also don’t like how foamy most toothpastes are – some are so foamy it gags me. Well, I tried Dr. Ginger’s Toothpaste Tablets and was surprised at how clean my mouth and teeth felt with very little foaming. I also found I do not wake up in the middle of the night with a bad taste when I use these tablets. My new regime is regular toothpaste in the morning and during the day then these tablets at night. Unfortunately, these are cost prohibitive if on a budget. $14.00 can buy a lot of toothpaste – much more than 60 brushes worth.

  12. Jen

    To start, I normally use all natural toothpaste. I’ve tried powders, tabs, and pastes. I knew I wanted to have tabs on hand for camping and traveling. These will be great for that! They have a pleasant taste and out of all the natural toothpastes I’ve tried, they sure do foam up. Most natural toothpastes don’t foam at all. So this was nice, especially when chances are you’re using limited water if you’re camping. My mouth felt very clean afterwards. I also love the glass jar with bamboo lid. So I will be keeping some with the jar at home in the bathroom on display and just throwing a few into a small little container I have when traveling. You can get refills for your glass jar, which I also love. All for less waste!

  13. LaraLara

    Daughter:Interesting concept. I like it. I’m defiantly going to keep a bottle on hand in the cupboard as these are great for travel. I like that you can also buy refill packet when you run out. Super eco-friendly alternative to the standard plastic tube toothpaste. The ingredients are non-toxic and safe to use for the entire family. It’s minty fresh but not too strong so my kids like it.Just toss one toothpaste tablet into ur wet mouth, bite down on the pill to dissolve and turn to powder form and brush away!Makes a great gift too. Paired with a bamboo tooth brush and your all set! I really love the bottle it glass and cap is made of wood.

  14. Hunting Creek

    I’ve not used chewable toothpaste tablets before. I have tried powders and I like them. This is a different form of toothpaste for me and it wasn’t bad at all. Chew the tablet, wet your toothbrush and then brush your teeth. I was worried that there would be ground stuff stuck in my teeth, but it all dissolved and was easy to brush away. This tasted great and left my mouth fresh and clean. Very easy to use. These would be good for travel since they are so small and easy to pack.

  15. Midwest Midlife

    Well who knew! I have never seen tablets like this and had to try them. They are fantastic for traveling, and much easier to transport than a tube of toothpaste. No chance of a tube leaking and toothpaste squishing all over. I was so intrigued by these. They are mild in flavor and seem to do the trick. I have to admit, it’s a little strange at first to chew a tablet but once you get the hang of it, these are quick, easy and great to carry in your purse or bag.

  16. C. Wong

    I tried it and loved it. One tablet did all my teeth. I do have children sized teeth as per my dentist, You just bite into tablet, it foams enough to brush all your teeth. My mouth feels clean and fresh!!! It has a coconut flavor that lasts. I think it will be great for those days that you went to the store and forgot to buy toothpaste. I want to find out if there are other Dr Ginger products because I am very pleased with this.

  17. Astrid

    I’m always up for new types of natural tooth and mouth cleansers, providing that they are fluoride-free. These are small tablets that are very easy to chew. That was one thing that I was a bit concerned about. No need to worry about breaking a tooth by having to bite down on these things. They break down very easily. The taste is very nice, a wonderful coconut mint. Once they break down, you just start brushing away. Depending on what might be going on in your mouth, you might need to use a second tablet. You know, like if you have garlic breath or strong morning breath that day. Other times, one will do the job nicely.These would be nice for travel when you are worried about things leaking and squishing out in your suitcase. The jar is compact and should not cause any problems.My only problem with them is that I think the price is rather high and would give me plenty of second thoughts when purchasing.

  18. D. Messing

    I have been looking for tablet toothpaste for a long time and I am thrilled to have finally found some! These are great, easy to use, do a fantastic job, and taste great. Thank you for the ability to finally try these!

  19. Mrs.RamseyMrs.Ramsey

    A husband pick as he has in my opinion gotten obsessed with new oral hygiene products but I cant even get on his case because its how I found some charcoal toothbrushes I am in love with. When he saw these we’ve never heard of products like this before so we thought we would give it a try and well its not too bad. I was a little scared after watching his reaction at first and his description of feeling like he was taking some kind of pill from the movies lol. However trying it for myself they remind you of a very mild mint you would take to help you after you got done eating something that you knew would linger on your breath after. You chew them to activate them and have your toothbrush ready to go it acts like a toothpaste and you begin the process of cleaning your teeth. I will say one thing that got me in a good way was that there was not toothpaste stains in the sink or on the brush to me that was a plus off the bat. The bad is I didnt like feeling the grit of it breaking down as you chew on it and brush your teeth but I guess its something you could get used to over time I guess. I do think this would be great too for travel since it was so easy to use and it wouldnt count as a liquid. Overall I will say this wasnt too bad I didnt think it did a better job cleaning then my toothpaste but it wasnt a bad experiance. We even had the kids try it and they reported the same feeling its a weird experiance but not bad and one they could do again. So I guess and dont tell him this wasnt bad.

  20. I like things!

    I was pleasantly surprised how much I like these. The packaging is top notch. The taste is great and strong enough to have fresh breath without the burning sensation. You put it in your mouth, chew it and brush like normal. Works great. These will be perfect for traveling, once I could travel again safely.

  21. TangibleReadsTangibleReads

    I mean who doesn’t like toothpaste, so figured I’d give Dr. Ginger Coconut Mint Chewable Tooth Powder Tablets a try. At first you think they are tiny mints in a fancy jar, until you put it in your mouth and realize you don’t want to swallow toothpaste. It’s a mild minty flavor, but still definitely toothpaste. It immediately starts to dissolve when mixed with water as you bite down. If you normally use a little toothpaste go with one tablet, but if you like a lot, use 2. I used one, which is definitely enough. My rotary toothbrush left nothing of this chalky pellet behind. Mouth felt clean with my teeth color about the same. Not as minty as regular toothpaste. This would be great for travel since you don’t have to worry about the mess of a tube squeeze in your bag. This brand is environmentally friendly since the jar is reusable and there are refill packets. Very unique

  22. Aderyn

    I wasn’t sure about chewable toothpaste tablets, but I’ve been around awhile and figured they probably wouldn’t be the worst tooth cleaner I’ve ever tried. As it turns out, I really like them. The tablets have a light, minty taste and between chewing the tablet and the efforts of your dampened toothbrush, they almost instantly become a pleasant foam, with no gritty sensation.It has become my preferred morning toothpaste. I like mint, but first thing in the morning I often find toothpaste to be shockingly minty, leaving almost a burning sensation in my mouth. These tablets don’t do that at all. The flavoring is mild both to taste and on my mouth and gums. Also, I’ve noticed that when I brush with these tablets, it doesn’t throw off my tastebuds at breakfast. With regular toothpaste, I really have to wait awhile or coffee, juice, etc., tastes funny.The packaging is very eco-friendly, with no plastic involved. The tablets are easy to use and store and leave my teeth and mouth feeling very clean. They’ll be super-easy to take along for travel.

  23. CoCo’s Mom

    I spent almost too much time opening the box, removing the plastic safety seal, removing the cotton and then getting a tablet out. It was wanting to crumble. I grabbed my toothbrush quickly and wet it and chomped down on the tablet and brushed. I will be doing this for the next 29 days. You get 60 tablets and I generally brush twice daily. Sometimes more often.

  24. Zest

    My first time trying this pill size toothpaste. Here is my review.The good:- Works surprisingly well. Cleaning and foaming like normal toothpaste.- Very travel friendly due to unique design.- Taste refreshing.I’m quite impressed by this innovative product.

  25. Marcelo E.

    I had never heard of a pill tooth paste until i was offered to try this product. I have to admit i’m pretty impressed with the quality of it. The taste is just amazing and refreshing. I’m definitely switching from conventional tooth paste to these pills!

  26. Dana O.

    As someone who has traveled somewhat frequently in the past, I was always looking for ways to reduce the massive amounts of toiletries that I seem to need for just a weekend trip, let alone a vacation of a regular length. These tables are great as I can just put some in a small container that I already have, and not worry about being weighed down with more toiletries.These are small tablets that you simply pop one in your mouth, chew it up a bit, and get your toothbrush in there and brush. There is plenty of foam to make this feel like your regular toothpaste. There is plenty of toothpaste to last the entire time you’re brushing. It does have a coconut scent and taste to go along with the mint taste, but that’s okay as it is all natural.The packaging is mostly natural too, with a glass jar and not too much plastic involved. You can even buy a refill pouch of tablets to refill the glass jar. These little tablets create less waste, we don’t have to have a whole tube of toothpaste when you can use these little tablets. I am all for reducing waste wherever I can.I’m really glad I got to try these tablets, I’m looking forward to trying other products by Dr. Ginger’s.

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