Coconut Mint Flavored

Expanding Floss

For a gentle and expanding floss action to help clean the hard-to-reach spaces. Infused with tasty organic coconut oil and peppermint.

  • Gentle Expanding Floss
  • Cleans Gums More Efficiently
  • 32 Yards of Floss
  • 1-2 Months of Daily Use
(44 customer reviews)


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Brushing and mouth wash work wonders, but don’t always cover every nook and cranny. Dr. Ginger’s Expanding Floss covers those hard-to-reach places that can accumulate plaque and bacteria that’s otherwise left behind. It is infused with coconut oil and xylitol to help fight cavities and gum disease while providing the whitening and overall health benefits offered by the practice of “oil pulling.” Kind of the best of both worlds, right?

Unravel a small length of floss, about 12-16 inches—or enough to wrap twice around both individual index fingers. Slide the floss gently between your teeth, careful not to run into your gums. The floss will expand once rubbed across the edges of your teeth and will expand to effectively clear any food debris.

Get the added benefit of coconut oil and xylitol in between your teeth. Coconut oil and xylitol help your mouth’s natural processes to defend from plaque and gingivitis.

Coconut (cocos nucifera) oil, Xylitol, Mentha Piperita (Organic Peppermint) Oil

The floss strand material is polyester.

44 reviews for Expanding Floss

  1. D. Aerts

    I love this expanding floss. Slight minty flavor which is good for me as I cannot use “minty” dental products. I like it better than traditional floss.

  2. Jennifer Clark

    Love the strength of this floss.

  3. Ms Hanson

    My dental students are amazed by my healthy (older) teeth and gums, and this product is the main reason.Fits neatly between crowded molars, never shreds, scrubs clean and outshines traditional floss.Highly recommend.

  4. Lorie Labbe’

    I love this floss! It is the most like the woven floss that was discontinued from Johnson and Johnson.

  5. Missy

    Does not get hung up and is natural

  6. HJ

    Good ingredients, tastes normal, works great.

  7. Gail Gardner

    I like the texture of this floss. I could get between my teeth easily, but it didn’t just slide off like Glide. I was able to reach under the gums and get trapped food.

  8. Judy G. Barrett

    This product works very well

  9. NeVi

    Cleans very well without hurting gums. Easy to glide between crowded teeth too.

  10. Cestmavie

    If you’re using conventional floss or are thinking of making the switch to expanding floss. This is your sign. IT CLEANS YOUR TEETH LIKE NO OTHER!I happen to stumble upon this brand and decided to give it a try. So far so good.I haven’t noticed the taste too much and it’s fairly easy to use.Recommend 10/10.

  11. Jackie Prentice

    It feels like it really scrubs your teeth which is nice but it’s also kind of thick and hard to get in and out of tight teeth. I don’t know if I understand the whole expanding aspect? I don’t think I’ll buy this one again personally.

  12. goodreasons2shop

    I have tight teeth and have no problem with it breaking. Because it is expandable, it covers more area. Had been using another brand by Listerine and you can’t buy it anymore. Glad I found this. I have had multiple gum grafts and this doesn’t bother my gums.

  13. LoRye

    I love this floss! It does an excellent job. My husband found that it didn’t work for him, as he has some very tight spaces, which, oddly, broke the floss. So take that into consideration, I guess. I also found that it only expands with several passes through. Maybe that’s common with expandable floss? I don’t know, but once I got the hang of it, I feel like I floss more effectively now. Will set up automatic delivery for this one.

  14. Michelle V

    Working to get rid of plastics in my world and this was an important step. I find it works as effectively as Glide brand but without the harmful plastics.

  15. russel lion

    I like it and easy to use

  16. Gerri Crutchfield

    This dental floss does a good job of pulling bits of food debris from between teeth and at the gum line, yet is still gentle on gums.

  17. Cheryl W.

    Received in timely manner and packaged great. My dental assistant recommended this for my teeth. Didn’t know about expandable floss. Works fantastic.

  18. Carol E.

    So far, my dental reports are good. This floss works. Thank you.

  19. xstitchnan

    Love this stuff! Best floss since Oral B took their deep cleaning floss off the market. Doesn’t shred and works well in tight spaces and gaps.

  20. Janie D.

    I’ve been using the coco floss but it’s getting expensive so I tried this floss and it is just as good and $10 cheaper

  21. KMac

    It’s a good product it just keeps breaking in my teeth because they’re so close together. Flavor is good it does exactly what supposed to but I think it depends on your teeth

  22. Jo

    Perfect for teeth with larger spaces between teeth yet also works great for the teeth that are closer together as well, as I have both kinds. It has been a blessing and I am very pleased!

  23. Jessica

    I like how it fluffs up after you use a section.

  24. Sam

    I really like the “expanding” feature of this floss. Works really well and it’s comfortable in the teeth and I feel like I’m able to get in between all the crevices well. I just wish it came in less plastic packaging. I would buy this floss over and over again if I could buy just the floss and put it in a reusable container.

  25. Jess

    Best floss I’ve found to date. Used to use Coco floss, but this is better!

  26. Uncle Jesse

    It is not the highest grade of flosses, and the flavor was not there and the woven part was good.

  27. Barbara Lee

    great product – price

  28. gary

    not much on roll

  29. Jenny

    I’ve only used this product for a few days and so far I like it. Nice mild flavor. Floss is a little rougher than my usual floss so it seems to clean my teeth better. My teeth are very close together but I had no trouble fitting this floss between my teeth. The only thing I don’t like about this (as well as many other natural tooth products) is the added xylitol, because it is poisonous to dogs. I’ll have to be careful not to leave this out anywhere my dogs can reach it. I will look for a non-xylitol version next time. I don’t need my floss to be sweet anyhow.

  30. Mag

    It’s good floss but just seems too expensive for floss. For the price I was expecting something amazing.

  31. Belle Gayer

    I have been looking for a good floss for a long time, and now with the news about how the Big Companies coat their floss with bad chemicals. . . . This floss is great. My teeth are close together in the front, but this floss still works well. Thanks!

  32. Grace Valadka

    I have not flossed in a while because I have been looking for a vegan and eco-friendly product. When I found these, I was so excited. They work great and now I look forward to flossing!! The expanding nature is super innovative and picks up all plaque and buildup. One thing – I wish the actual flossing packaging was not in plastic, but I appreciate the outer packaging being in cardboard/recyclable (not sure if it is compostable or not).

  33. Cheryl Maximo

    It gets the job done

  34. Allison Lindblom

    This expanding floss is great. You can feel the texture cleaning really well between your teeth and it’s a nice flavor. Very happy I tried this brand.

  35. RJohnson829

    I like it

  36. bobnotrob

    My hygienist recommended this and after a month and a half of consistent usage my gums showed a marked improvement. Combine with Perioclear mouthwash, tongue scraper, Plackers and Phillips electric toothbrush for a comprehensive periodontal protection/prevention program.

  37. sincity_bookworm

    The husband loves it. Our dentist gave us a sample of floss that was similar to this, but it was kinda pricey. I found this on Amazon and we were pleased.

  38. Hiwa A.

    My favorite floss!!!! So yummy and I like that it’s expandable

  39. Lawrence A. Ploski

    This product is hard to use. It is hard to get the string out of the container.

  40. Sue P.

    The best dental floss I have ever used! Minty taste –Good product!

  41. KC25

    Improved the idea of floss! I really like this floss. It has a good taste without being heavy on ginger or mint. It is easy to use and the fact that it is coated in xylitol and coconut oil just gives it an extra layer of good things for your teeth. The small issue is that the case doesn’t work. The floss gets tangled inside and won’t pull out. I just opened the case the pull it out when needed. I also don’t know if the expanding strong really does much for the teeth as when I pull it to get in between teeth it just tightens up and looks like regular floss. But maybe it is extra scrubby anyway. Overall great floss!

  42. Heather THeather T

    I love that this floss doesn’t have a bunch of junk in it that is terrible for you. I’m very big into natural products so I appreciate that. The expanding is a little tricky though. I feel like it does a great job cleaning, which is the important part. Just sometimes it is hard to get it between all my teeth.

  43. Etta IdahoEtta Idaho

    Not too wide or to thing. Tastes yummy

  44. Mynama Isyana

    I like the smell and packaging but floss-no so much. It shreds a lot, get stuck in between my teeth and rips. Also, the floss constantly get tangled in the roll.

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