Before The Brand, And How It Came To Be

By Dr. Ginger's Team / September 21, 2022

Before The Brand, And How It Came To Be

“Dr. Ginger, do you have any suggestions for natural toothpastes?”

“Dr. Ginger, I was looking at coconut oil pulling for my gums, do you think that would help me?”

“Dr. Ginger, does black charcoal actually whiten teeth?”

Sitting in her often lively office at her dental practice, Dr. Ginger Price, DDS, was mulling over how to answer these questions. She knew that after 35 years her tenure as a world renown cosmetic dentist was winding down, and yet there were still so many smiles to bring.

You see the thing is, Dr. Ginger had answers to these questions but as someone who holds herself to higher standards, the answers weren’t good enough to give to her clients:

“Yes, I know of some natural toothpastes but none that taste any good…”

“Coconut oil pulling is a proven method to improve oral health…but it takes 20 minutes! Who’s got the time?”

“Black charcoal whitens teeth, but wow does it ruin your bathroom sink.”

So as any good practitioner would do, Dr. Ginger decided to spend some time researching the market to see what products she could suggest to her clients. Something she could be proud to put her name behind; something she would feel 100% satisfied suggesting—because her clients would listen. After all, she was already entrusted with the health and wellbeing of their smiles.

She took quickly to the task. She called other dentists and asked their opinions; she tried just about everything on the shelves of the supermarkets and local natural shops; she even took up a regimen with 20 minute coconut oil pulls to see if that was bearable. The good doctor searched and searched, and to her dismay couldn’t find any product or routine that she liked.

And then the idea struck—like a coconut falling from a tree and hitting the proverbial Isaac Newton on the head: She would make her own.

And what happened next can best be described in the words of Dr. Ginger herself—in fact, to this day if you ask her how Dr. Ginger’s came to be she’ll tell you exactly this:

“For thousands of years coconut oil has been utilized as a natural way to maintain a healthy mouth. After insistent inquiries about a coconut oral care solution, I found nothing I liked. So, I locked myself in the lab with a bag of coconuts intent on finding a solution and this (oral care brand) is the result!”

-Dr. Ginger Price, DDS

Whatever happened in the lab that day was a stroke of pure genius. Dr. Ginger found the method to the mint-ness; answered the sweet call of xylitol; and crafted the culmination of coconut oral care.

This incredible line of healthy, natural, and organic coconut based oral care was the result. With toothpaste that delights the teeth and tongue, mouthwash that ‘bolsters’ good bacteria instead of ‘destroying 99.9%’ of your oral biome, and a whole range of supporting cast members to vault your teeth into the shiny bright white limelight they so deserve—Dr. Ginger finally had something she could put her name behind.

Actually, something she could put her name on:

Dr. Ginger’s Coconut Oil Oral Care Solution.

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