Coconut Mint Flavored

Powdered Toothpaste with White Charcoal

Get more teeth whitening power AND brushes for your buck with our Powdered Toothpaste with White Charcoal! Add it to your regular routine for extra teeth whitening power, or use it daily as your regular toothpaste.

  • EXTRA Whitening Power
  • Easy On Sensitive Teeth
  • 3x Amount of Brushings vs Toothpaste Tubes
  • 4 Year Shelf Life
(19 customer reviews)

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Get more brushes for your buck with Dr. Ginger’s Powdered Toothpaste with White Charcoal. A little goes a long way—just a pinch of powder on a damp toothbrush is all it takes to complete your brushing routine. Enjoy the benefits that come along with activated white charcoal; detoxification, teeth cleaning, and teeth whitening, all without any of the mess of regular activated black charcoal. Using our activated White Charcoal regularly will help brighten your pearly whites while improving overall oral health.

First, lightly wet the tip of your brush with water; second, dip your brush into the powder and scoop a small amount of powder; third, brush your teeth for two minutes using a circular scrubbing motion.

Get more brushes for your buck with this toothpaste (in powder form). Add it to your regular routine for extra teeth whitening power.

  • EXTRA Whitening Power
  • Easy On Sensitive Teeth
  • 3x Amount of Brushings vs Toothpaste Tubes
  • 4 Year Shelf Life

Activated Charcoal (from Organic Coconuts), Calcium Carbonate, Cocos Nucifera (Organic Coconut) Extract, Curcuma Longa (Turmeric), Bentonite, Organic Mentha Piperita Extract, Xylitol, Stevia Rebaudiana, Natural Flavors

19 reviews for Powdered Toothpaste with White Charcoal

  1. Jennifer

    This was my first time using Tooth Powder and I purchased it via And it is amazing! It tastes great – slightly sweet and minty. And it leaves your teeth so smooth and clean that you feel like you just left the dentist’s office! You only use a little, and the jar is actually quite large, so I can see it lasting several months!

  2. Rose W

    My very first impression of this powder is that it’s messy because when I opened it up there was powder in places I didn’t expect it to be. Once I started using it I found that though it starts as powder it quickly turns to a liquefied feel in my mouth. It leaves my teeth feeling very clean with a mellow coconut aftertaste. The mint is very subtle and really doesn’t linger when I’m done brushing.

  3. Worddancer Redux

    I like this. It tastes good, and it does a good job. It is a bit messy to be sure. But a lot less messy than the black charcoal tooth powders.

  4. Alvar

    This product seems to be slowly working but it’s difficult to apply. It might be best to sprinkle it directly on your teeth. It smelled amazing out of the package but much of scent has gone away now. Well, it works and that’s what counts, and white charcoal is better on the teeth and bathroom sink compared to black charcoal which just leaves stains all over as charcoal is very difficult trying to clean. So if you want dental charcoal, go with this product, it’s minty too.

  5. Amavon

    The fresh mint flavor that you get with this tooth powder is amazing! Leaves your mouth feeling so clean and fresh!I love charcoal tooth powders, but with the black ones end up with black flecks all over my face, clothing, sink, mirror…I don’t get that with this white charcoal! I usually double dip when brushing because this tastes so good and amazing. My teeth feel smooth and free from plaque and debris.The little bottle with the bamboo top looks nice sitting out on my sink.I absolutely love this tooth powder!

  6. Miss Kitty

    First I tried the black charcoal, it made such a mess and left my toothbrush black. When I saw this, I thought I would give it a shot. I LOVE this. The taste is fantastic, it scrubs without being abrasive, much better than using baking soda since it tastes like soft mint. I will be adding this to my daily routine.

  7. Tracy L.

    I have been using this product for a little over a week now. It is a little messy so make sure you are using it over a sink. After the first use of this product I noticed how clean it made my teeth feel but now after I have been using it for a little over a week I am noticing the whitening. I only use it once a day because I was worried about any sensitivity that you notice with other products but there hasn’t been any with this. It has a nice mint flavor and it is easy to use. I don’t drink coffee, red wine, nor do I smoke so you may see an even bigger difference if you do any of those things.

  8. JoeInTampa

    I’ve thought about trying the activated black charcoal tooth powder for some time, but couldn’t get beyond the idea of using black charcoal on my teeth so when I saw Dr. Ginger’s Activated White Charcoal Tooth Powder I was excited and knew I wanted to give it a try. I’m so glad I did. My teeth have never felt so squeaky clean and my mouth feels so fresh after using. It has a very mild, pleasant taste, much like the cleaner my hygenist uses. I’ve only used it three days so I’m not really seeing a whitening affect yet, but will update if I do after more time. I’ve definitely found a winner and will continue using it if it meets with my dentist approval at my next appointment.

  9. DesireeDesiree

    I’ve gotten professional teeth whitening at the dentists office and it’s always left my teeth feeling weak and sensitive. I decided to try this natural teeth whitener and I was pleased to find my teeth not only looked cleaner and plaque free but the flavor is subtle and refreshing. I’m curious to see more changes to the color of my teeth.

  10. 🔹Carla🔹

    I’m not really sure what to say about this “Dr. Ginger’s Activated White Charcoal Tooth Powder”. It’s just really different then anything I have ever used before.It comes in a 1.28 glass jar that has a wooden lid with a plastic type insert inside.This is the first time I have ever seen White Charcoal Tooth Powder, I have seen the Black variety and was curious about it.You just dip your wet toothbrush in the jar and brush your teeth like regular.The mixture smells like Mint. Not unpleasant. As you are brusing the mixture bubbles up some. Then you just rinse your mouth out.I’ve used this White Charcoal Tooth Powder for over a week (at least, if not longer) and it does seem to help with surface teeth stains.I was expecting the powder to be more gritty, like baking soda but it’s not. It reminds me of a baby powder. A very fine, ungritty feel on my teeth.It doesn’t stick to my toothbrush as well as I would like either, so I have begun to put a little toothpaste on my brush first and then dip it in the jar.Overall, I am going too continue too use this product. It seems beneficial.Although if I had to actually purchase this product for the listed price of $18.95 … I would pass. (Full Disclosure : I received this product for free as part of the Amazon Vine program in exchange for my honest review).

  11. Aliiiiiiiiiiiaaaaaaaaaaa

    Yummy, coconut powdered toothpaste! This is very tasty and due a good job cleaning. Dip wet toothbrush into jar and enjoy. Jar isn’t ideal for brushing in the shower but I can make due.

  12. Wylee’s mom

    This is my first time at trying a powder/charcoal toothpaste and WOW am I never going back to soft tube toothpaste. This has an amazing flavor, it is a delicious mint that I just can’t get enough of. I find myself brushing my teeth throughout the day just to freshen up my mouth with this delicious powder. The powder is fine and fluffy and sticks easily to my wet toothbrush and when I’m brushing my teeth it feels just a little bit gritty (which I actually like). I can feel the deference in my mouth, my teeth feel cleaner than they ever have. I’ve only just started using this toothpaste this past week so I can’t comment on the whitening yet but I will definitely come back and edit my review to reflect any noticeable change in the whiteness of my teeth. I recommend this product and will definitely be buying it again when I run out.

  13. Taylortailer20Taylortailer20

    I’ve tried several tooth powders in the past in an attempt to be more environmentally friendly (they usually come in a glass jar with a metal lid, this one is glass with a bamboo lid lined with plastic). Some of the issues I have experienced with other brands are the powder is too rough and abrasive, or it uses dark charcoal that is extremely hard to rinse out of the whole mouth, meaning I would only use it at night.This powder is pillowy soft and quite gentle. It tastes fairly sweet, like a pastel mint that has been crushed. It seems like it will last forever, based on how little I needed to brush my teeth with. Rinsed very well and had a good mint flavor. I would say the only downside is the plastic lining inside the lid, and that my mouth didn’t taste as fresh as say, Crest toothpaste, after sleeping for the night. However, I would still say this is the best tooth powder I have used, and I will definitely use the rest of the jar.

  14. Darlaina Dancer

    This is my first time to try white charcoal coconut tooth powder and I love it. I’ve been using an all natural products made from coconut oil baking soda and essential oils and I prefer this product because it leaves my mouth feeling more fresh and more clean as well as no buildup in the sink after I spit it out. It has aGreat flavor. I am so thrilled I found this.

  15. August ChianeseAugust Chianese

    I’ve never tried a charcoal toothpaste before, but before seeing this, I had definitely never seen a “white” charcoal option.Decided to give this a shot. One tip, remember: it’s powder inside! I opened it up to show my wife and tipped it in her direction as I twisted off the cap…not my best moment.Anyways, all you do is get your toothbrush wet, dip it in this just a bit, and then it starts to foam up nice in your mouth like a typical toothpaste.The flavor is very much peppermint and super refreshing. Nice little pick me up for your breath if you want to do a quick brushing.I’ve used it a handful of times so can’t speak to whether the charcoal is whitening my teeth, but I’m going to keep an eye on that and take pics as I go. The science isn’t real clear on whether it does much, but we do know charcoal acts as an abrasive, so it can definitely chip away at surface stains. For me, I think of it as a nice compliment to my normal dental hygiene routine.Note it looks a little pricey for the size, but I believe one jar will last potentially months because you don’t need much of the powder on your brush. I haven’t put a dent in mine yet aside from what I dropped on the floor when I first opened it!In the end I don’t see a downside to using this. Anything to help keep my teeth healthy and clean is a plus in my book.

  16. DS

    I like it, as it provides natural whitening for teeth. Taste is OK. Like it. I start using it before I go to bed. In the morning use regular toothpaste.Recommend

  17. Rebecca

    I had been using another popular tooth powder for a few years now, but the consistency of the taste of the product has hit the skids. I’m really happy so far with Dr. Ginger’s- no more brown staining on my sink, it tastes great, and the jar is packed to the top with powder- you don’t feel cheated at all. Smells like the beach when you open the jar. Not for those who don’t like coconut. Make sure any pets can’t get to any spills, as it contains xylitol. This will be my new tooth powder as long as the product stays consistent.

  18. Valentina

    I like the taste of it. It has a minty flavor like toothpaste which helps feel the mouth “cleaner”. I like powder tooth powders because they do a better job removing plaque and stains. My dentist is usually impress by how little cleaning they need to do when I use the tooth powder .

  19. Mallory B

    This has been a surprisingly satisfying addition to my oral care routine. I run my toothbrush under water, dip the bristles into this powder, and brush my teeth. It tastes almost like crushed up peppermint candy. As you brush, it sort of foams up (for lack of a better term) so that it allows you to be able to cover all of your teeth with brushing. Impressively, I even feel like I can see a difference after just a handful of times of using this. I enjoy using this tooth powder, and it makes my teeth feel clean and refreshed. A smart addition to your routine.

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